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3D Comics

 3D glasses

3D comics bring new life to images that are normally two dimensional in nature.

How 3D Images Are Created

There are two types of 3D images, stereoscopic and CGI.

Stereoscopic Imagery

Stereoscopic comics are a type of 3D imagery with special glasses to trick your eyes into seeing a three-dimensional picture. Essentially by combining two separate but slightly different images into one, it gives it that cool effect. Since your eyes are spaced about two inches apart, they can see things from a slightly different angle. You can compare this to when you are looking through binoculars, or a kid's View-Master.

When you view a stereoscopic 3D magazine or movie, the picture will appear to be fuzzy to you if you don't wear the special 3D glasses. This is because you are looking at two different images with slight variations at the same time. With the glasses on, your eyes can separate the two images and recombine them to see things coming straight at you, like a creepy monster or flying object. This effect makes you feel like you are part of the action, which is also why this type of viewing is so much fun.

CGI Imagery

CGI is another form of 3D imagery. Pictures are created using a computer program that creates the images using three-dimension mathematic models. The result is a picture that looks like a three dimensional object. You do not need special glasses to view these creations, but the results can be quite life-like in nature.

A Brief History of 3D Comics

Although stereoscopic 3D images were around since the early 1920's, the fascination with 3D comics and movies really took off in the 1950s. Three Dimension Comics featured cartoon characters like Mighty Mouse, Captain 3D and Jungle Joe. During this time, television was a relatively new idea. Creative marketers and producers were looking for ways to draw consumers back to movie theaters and comic books, and away from TV. The 3D media did not stop people from watching TV, but instead gave them an additional source of entertainment.

Years later, the popularity of the original stereoscopic 3D comic book with superheroes and other kid's favorite characters started to decline. With new technology, CGI took its place in many different forms. The adult industry took an interest in this media with a lot of sexual imagery in comic strips and single cell variations. Online, you will find many websites with this type of erotic content. As for superheroes and other cartoon characters, they have not been left out of CGI 3D loop. Many publishers now produce comics using the CGI technology.

Cool No Matter How You Look at It

Stereoscopic artistry and CGI produce some amazing 3D effects. Whether you are into superheroes, cartoon characters, or erotic scenes, you'll find a wide variety of 3D comics available for purchase.

3D Comics