Affordable Collectible Figurines


There are many places online to find affordable collectible figurines besides eBay. In fact, because eBay seems to be the first place people look, other auction sites can actually have much better prices due to less competition for the items. Collectible figurines, no matter which manufacturer, style or type you collect, are available all over the Internet.

What are Affordable Collectible Figurines?

A figurine is simply a small statue. They can be made of many materials from pottery to cement and from resin to porcelain. They include a variety of subjects from fairies to flowers and everything in between.

There are many companies that produce popular, collectible figurines. Some have been around for years and others are just becoming popular. You may recognize some of these names:

  • Hummel
  • Llandro
  • Cybis
  • Boyd's Bears
  • Snow Babies
  • Kewpie
  • Precious Moments
  • Doulton
  • Barbie Collectibles
  • Disney
  • Cherished Teddies

When beginning to collect these figurines it is best to collect similar objects. Decide if you will collect by type, by company, by size, or by subject matter. Once you have gathered a collection that suits you, you can collect something different. Rather than trying to buy these for investment purposes, most people buy collectible figurines for the joy that they bring as they are placed around the home or office.

Displaying Your Figurines

You can choose to display your figurines in a number of ways. Some collectors create displays with the whole collection. Others make small vignettes or display the collectibles in small groups with similar figures.

Collectibles are more interesting when they are displayed on several levels. In order to do this you might display a few on a tabletop, with more sitting atop a nearby stack of books. If you have bookshelves the figures can be scattered around the shelves in a pleasing manner. Variety in height and size will be more visually appealing than many figurines that look the same in a grouping. Your lifestyle will, to some extent, dictate your display method. If you have small children or grandchildren in the house, it may be best to keep the figures behind glass or up on a high mantle or shelf.

Add items that fit together well. For example, if you have some Gone with the Wind figurines you might arrange them on top of a vintage copy of the book, next to a parlor lamp similar to the one in the movie.

Some companies produce special display items that add charm to the collection. animal figurines, for example, might be displayed in a charming resin forest.

Rather than just displaying the figurines, allow them to tell a story.

Where to Find Figurines

One of the best ways to find affordable collectibles on any auction site, including eBay, is to intentionally misspell the word in your search. For example, affordable collectible figurines can be misspelled any number of ways, including:

  • Afordable collectible figurines
  • Affordable collectibe figurines
  • Affordble collectible figurines

Invest in a price guide and study as much information as you can find about your chosen collectible figurines. In this way you will be able to spot fakes, as well as helping you to be aware of an unrealistic price.

Collect only what you really love. Collectible figurines displayed in your home give visitors a peek at who you are and allow them to know you a little better. The figures not only add a bit of whimsy, but should bring a smile to your face when you see them. When you feel that you have out grown your collection, if you ever do, pass them along to someone who admires it and begin a new one. Most of all, make it something you enjoy.

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Affordable Collectible Figurines