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Antique Amish Furniture

Amish Table and Chairs
There are many styles of antique furniture.

Antique Amish furniture is simple and well made. It is an excellent example of handcraftsmanship that withstands the tests of time.

How to Tell Antique from New

One of the most difficult tasks for the antique shopper is to be able to tell the difference between modern and antique Amish furniture. Since the items are still made by hand using high quality materials it can be difficult to know if a piece is old or not. Many new tables look much the same as the antique tables.

Window Shop

Don't rush into buying a piece. Shop around at several antique stores as well as specialty shops that carry Amish made furniture. Examine the furniture and compare the old and the new. Make notes of the differences that you notice. By looking at many items, both old and new, you will be more able to differentiate between the new furniture and the old.


Look for signs of wear and age on the item. This can be tricky because new furniture can be distressed; but signs of authentic wear can usually be seen. Areas that will usually show wear are:

  • Corners
  • Raised areas
  • Carvings
  • Edges

Look for signs that the wear is too perfect to be old. Natural fading and scratching of furniture finishes will be uneven and will look random.


Amish-made furniture is generally superior in craftsmanship. Newer handmade furniture will be created with modern items like wood screws. Look for signs that the furniture is made with all the same type of wood and is put together with joints rather than wood screws.

The hardware will look aged unless it has been replaced. Look for discoloration, rust, and other signs of oxidation.


Step back and take a good luck at the furniture. Make sure it is balanced and it looks right for the time in which it was supposed to be built. Be careful of items that have an older piece attached to a newer piece to make the antique look old. Because wood shrinks unevenly, the top of a table or the seat of a chair will be uneven to some extent. If it is totally even you should suspect that it is new.

Where to Buy Antique Amish Furniture

Vintage Amish furniture can be found more easily in some parts of the country than the others. Pennsylvania, Kentucky, and Ohio are treasure troves of Amish handcrafted items. Generally, if you can find an area where there is an Amish community then you will find numerous shops that have these beautiful antiques as well as new items.

Dutch Valley Furniture and Antiques

Dutch Valley carries many different types of Amish items including antiques. Located in Sugar Creek Ohio, this 5,000 square foot facility may be just the place to spend a day finding just the item you are looking for.

Shrock's Amish Farm

Shrock's Amish Farm is a destination adventure. Not only is there an antique mall located on the property there are a variety of sights to see and things to do from buggy rides to Amish home tours. Shrock's is located in Berlin, Ohio.

The Internet

Of course, perhaps the most convenient and time efficient way to find Amish Antique furniture is to do an Internet search with a search engine like Google or Yahoo. eBay is another good place to start. If you are looking for a particular piece then make sure you use that in your search terms. For example, if you are looking for an Amish antique bed then you would include all terms like this: Amish+antique+bed.

Amish antiques are classic and fit beautifully in many styles of homes. Since they are so well made, they last forever and are a good choice when you love antique furniture but have children or pets. It is beautiful, durable, and a beautiful choice for your home.

Antique Amish Furniture