Antique Cook Stoves Wood and Propane

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Antique cook stoves, wood and propane, were once considered to be the heart of many homes. As the stove warmed the kitchen, the aromas of freshly baking bread, simmering stew and roasting meat filled the room.

Throughout the years cook stoves changed in design and style. However, there was one thing that remained constant during that time. That was the importance the cook stove had on family life. It was around these magnificent stoves that families gathered to share their meals and engage in family conversation.

Three Types of Antique Cook Stoves

There were three main types of antique cook stoves produced. These types included:

  • Wood
  • Propane
  • Combination wood and propane

Antique Wood Stove

Although there were experimentation and developments being made in the area of wood cook stoves in the 18th century, they really did not come into fashion for use in American homes until the mid-19th century. Made from heavy cast iron, some were left in classic country simplicity while others were ornately detailed and nickel plated in true Victorian style. Many of the wood burning stoves could also use coal as a fuel source.

Antique Propane Stove

In the early 1900s antique propane cook stoves grew in popularity. Fueled by liquid propane gas, the stoves, which were known as ranges, were more sleekly designed than the earlier wood burning cook stoves. The lines of the gas stoves were also much cleaner and straighter.

Both times and lifestyles were changing during this period. The focus was shifting away from the home and toward the work place. The propane stoves allowed homeowners more free time because they did not have to tend to their cooking fires.

Antique Cook Stoves Wood and Propane

During the first quarter of the 20th century, stove manufacturers such as Richardson & Bonyton offered homeowners the combination of fueling their stoves with the convenience of gas cooking. Styles of the combination stoves included:

  • Classic country
  • Victorian
  • Retro design

Pictures of Antique Cook Stoves

Follow the links below to view beautiful antique cook stoves, wood and propane.

The Art of Cooking on an Antique Wood Cook Stove

When we think back to the time when our grandparents or great-grandparents cooked on a wood fueled stove, we realize that using the stove was in itself an art. The cook had to know when wood had to be added and when the fire needed to be stoked.

Ovens and Burners

Many antique wood cook stoves were made with two ovens. The larger oven was used for cooking casseroles, roasts or meals in a Dutch oven. The smaller of the two ovens was used for baking bread and cakes.

The stoves had at least two burners on top, but many had six. It was common to designate burners to a specific job. For example, one burner would only be used to boil, while another would only be used to simmer.

Some of the antique stoves were equipped with a mechanism that slid out and allowed the amount of heat that reached the burner to be adjusted by the cook. In this way, the cook was able to control the burner's heat, producing a simmer, slow boil, or full boil.

Restoration of Antique Cook Stoves

There are many antique cook stoves that are in great disrepair. However, there are also many craftsmen with the knowledge and skills to restore them to their original, magnificent beauty. Emery Pineo, owner of The Stove Hospital has been restoring antique cook stoves for more than 30 years. Mr. Pineo, known as the stove whisperer, carefully disassembles, cleans and rebuilds each stove by hand, bringing it back to the condition that it was when it was first made.


Many people today enjoy having an antique cook stove, wood or propane, in their homes. The nostalgic feelings and memories they invoke, combined with their beauty and charm, have earned the stately appliances a place in the hearts of people of all ages. .

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Antique Cook Stoves Wood and Propane