Determining the Value of Antique Cookie Jars

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For many people finding a special old cookie jar at an antique show or flea market inspires a flood of happy memories that makes them quickly realize the antique cookie jar value is far more than monetary.

Antique Cookie Jar Value Guides

One of the key resources for determining the value of antique cookie jars is having a current cookie jar price and identification guide. In addition to listing the current market price range, most reliable guides also provide valuable information that includes:

  • Descriptions and dimensions of specific cookie jars
  • Information on spotting reproductions and fakes
  • Maker's marks
  • Historical information on manufacturers and designers

Guide Books

Examples of helpful guide books include:

Finding the Value of an Antique Cookie Jar Online

The following are several resources to help determine the value of an antique or collectible cookie jar:

Sentimental Value of Antique Cookie Jars

Cookie jars, just as all antiques and collectibles, have many different values. Many collectors are interested in the monetary value attached to their cookie jar collection. They hope their cookie jars continue to increase in worth making them more valuable on the collector's market.

Different Kinds of Value

However, for many collectors, cookie jars hold a special kind of magic. They remember them filled with special treats lovingly made by grandmothers and mothers. Others think of them as the family piggy bank, where the household money carefully was tucked away as they waited for mom and dad to announce there was enough for that special toy or new two-wheeled bicycle.

Without question antique cookie jars hold a special place in the hearts of many people everywhere.

For many collectors, antique cookie jar value is determined by monetary value, market conditions and memories.

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Determining the Value of Antique Cookie Jars