Antique Doll Houses

Bliss Antique Doll Houses

If you are a collector of antique doll houses you are certainly not alone. These toys are highly collectible and some of the older, rarer types sell for thousands of dollars at auction.

The oldest American company to make doll houses was Bliss, founded in Pawtucket, R.I., in 1832. The name is often embossed over the door and Bliss antique doll houses are some of the most detailed you will find. This Bliss Bow Front dollhouse was created in 1895. The value of this house is estimated at $4,500.

Interior Bliss Bow Front

The interior of the Bliss Bow Front doll house is bright and cheerful with beautiful detailing. The wallpaper is still brightly colored and you can see the attention to detail in the fireplace mantle. Each individual tile is represented.

Bliss Keyhole Doll House

The turned wood on the porch and the detail in the windows and door is classic Bliss quality. This antique house looks as if it has had many hours of loving play. Estimated value is $2,400.

Bliss Firestation

This circa 1900 fire station is quite rare, and the fireman's wagon that you see with it is rarer still. You can just barely see the alarm bell up in the tower. The estimated value of the fire station and the wagon together are estimated at $2,900.

C. Hacker Antique Doll House

This Christian Hacker house has bay windows and opens up into four rooms. This German company was in business from 1835 through 1927 and made many beautiful styles of houses and buildings.

Interior C. Hacker Doll House

The interior of this house has four rooms and a different wall paper for each room. The windows have lace curtains and shades. Estimated value for this house is $5,900.

Doll House with Elevator

This Christian Hacker antique doll house comes complete with a clockwork elevator that is hidden behind two doors in the house. The attention to detail is incredible – even the ceilings are painted. Christian Hacker dolls' houses often had built in cupboards and stove in the kitchen. The estimated value of this beautiful house is $5,900.

Gottschalk Three Story

Gottschalk was another well known German company. This house is three stories high with a total of nine rooms. Each room is beautifully detailed with wall paper, light fixtures, and flooring. Some of the rooms have wall clocks. There is furniture in each room. This huge house is valued at about $19,500 fully furnished.

Interior of the Gottschalk House

Here is the house opened up so you can see the glorious details in each room.

Gottschalk Parlor

This is an image of the parlor of the previous house. Note the stenciled piano and beautiful rug on the floor.

Gottschalk National Guard

The National Guard building is as detailed as any of the houses. Can't you imagine the toy soldiers marching through the halls of this gorgeous antique? The building opens in two directions. Estimated value of this antique toy house is $12,500.

Doll House with Storage

This doll house was made in 1922 by Albin Schönherr. It can be taken apart completely and stored in the compartment that it sits on. The estimated value of this unique house is $2,900.

Collecting antique dolls and doll houses can be a rewarding hobby. Read everything you can find on the subject and ask lots of questions before you buy.

These unique, rare antique doll houses can be found at Sondra Krueger Antiques. LoveToKnow would like to thank Sondra for providing the images and much of the information for this slideshow.

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Antique Doll Houses