Antique Drawer Pulls

Antique Drawer Pulls

When you are restoring an old cabinet you may need to replace the antique drawer pulls. The best way to do this is to try to match the existing pulls. If you can’t do that try replacing all the pulls with pulls from a similar piece of furniture. Using a reproduction pull should be the last resort and never replace antique drawer pulls with contemporary ones.

Bin pulls are the most common pulls for the kitchen and other utilitarian parts of the house. They may be carved or decorated but most often they will be just plain pulls like the ones pictured. These are perfect for kitchen cabinets, Hoosiers, and other kitchen furnishings.

Eastlake Single Post Pull

The single post pull was a popular drawer pull throughout the Victorian period and into the 1920s. This pull is on an Eastlake buffet that was made with quarter sawn oak. The pull itself is molded and well designed.

Closeup Eastlake Pulls

The Eastlake Single post pulls were also used on cabinet doors. Note the art nouveau lines in this closeup.

1880s Single Post Pull

This single post pull is from a heavily carved dresser that was created in the 1880s. The pull is quite ornate and heavy.

1880s Single Post Pull View 2

The same pull but this time against a plain drawer. You can see the detail much more clearly.

Art Nouveau Antique Drawer Pulls

You can easily see the shell motif at the bottom of this elaborate drawer pull. This is part of an Edwardian desk.

Teardrop Drawer Pull

This single post, teardrop drawer pull is part of a circa 1910-1918 buffet. It is made simply, reflecting the influence of the Arts and Crafts style.

Art Deco Drawer Pull

This Art Deco drawer pull is on an early 1930s stand. The Stylized Art Deco influence is obvious in the shape of the pull as well as the ridges down the face of the pull.

1960s Hammered Colonial

The Colonial style came back into vogue in the 1960s and many items of furniture sported hammered copper or other hammered style pull that gave the piece an artisan style.

You can find antique furniture hardware locally at architectural salvage stores. If you have none of these locally you may find what you are looking for on the internet at auction sites like eBay.

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Antique Drawer Pulls