Antique Lenox Figurine Values

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Antique Lenox figurine values vary according to a number of factors. If you have found some old figurines in your attic or at a thrift shop you may be wondering if you have something valuable.

About Lenox Figurines

Lenox figurines are not antique in the strictest sense. Although the company has been in business since 1889, the company did not begin making figurines and other collectibles until almost 100 years later. In 1981 the Lenox Collectibles division was founded and began offering many types of collectibles including figurines and home décor.

In 2005 much of the company, including the Collectibles division was sold to Dept. 56.

Determining Antique Lenox Figurine Values

The best way to determine antique Lenox values is to purchase a current price guide. Do be sure that it is current because the values can change rapidly. A price guide that is more than a year or two old is not very accurate. Make sure you understand the descriptions of condition because the condition your figurine is in will have a huge effect on the value. For example, an item in the original box can sell for fifty percent more than an item without its box.

You can sign up with the Collectors' Information Bureau. Registration is free and allows you to research many collectible items. This group tracks the sales of collectibles to help you stay up to date on the values. It also allows you to network with other collectors. This can be helpful if you wish to sell pieces from your collection later on.

You can also check eBay. While this may not show you the same values as the price guide it will show you what people are actually paying for your figurine.

Evaluation Terms

Appraisers and collectors use certain terms to describe antique Lenox figurine values just like they do with other collectibles. The terms help the buyer to understand why a collectible is priced a certain way. It is important that the novice collector take time to understand these terms before buying.

MIB - Mint in box. This means the item is in mint, or new, condition.

NIB - New in box. This means the item has not be used or removed from the box except for evaluation.

Appraised Value - The item has been appraised by a professional and given a value. This is not the same as the selling price.

Excellent - This means the item has no discoloration, cracks, chips, or other problems. It looks like new.

Very Good - The item may be dusty or need to be cleaned. It may have a few miniscule scratches.

Good - The item may have a small chip or scratch.

Fair - There may be chips, repairs have been done, or scratches to the paint.

Some Recent Lenox Values

While the value of collectibles can change from month to month you can get a pretty good idea of the value of your figurine by checking what they have recently sold for or are selling for on trusted sites. Lenox has created a variety of collectible figurines from angels to animals. (Prices shown are as of 2010) sells china but not many people know they also carry collectible figurines.

Ivory Zebra, without box - $109.99

Snowman Salute Bell - $19.99

Light of Freedom Lighthouse - $37.99

Valentine Wishes Angel, boxed - $37.99

Gift of Knowledge Unicorn, boxed - $89.95

Winter Queen - $49.99

Leopard - $139.95


ebay often sells items at prices below other venues but you can get an idea of what you might be able to sell your item for should you need to sell quickly.Sunday in the Park - $36.00

Heaven's Melody Millennium Angel - $285.95

Hook and Smee from Peter Pan - $59.50 Pooh and Piglet's Birthday Surprise - $9.99

Centennial Bride - $14.95

Star of the Millennium - $299.99

Sleeping Beauty - $95.99

Painting Bunting - $51.00

Bluebird -$71.00

Calla Lily - $9.99

Tin Man - $95.00

If you want your figurine to become an heirloom and eventually an antique you should follow these tips:

  • Keep your figurines out of direct sunlight.
  • Keep them away from low areas where small children or pets might accidentally break them.
  • Dust them regularly with a very soft cloth.
  • A glass front china cabinet or case is the perfect way to display these collectibles safely.

Although Lenox figures won't be antique in the strictest sense for 70 more years, they are certainly lovely collectibles now.

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