Antique McCoy Pottery

Antique Pottery

Antique McCoy Pottery items are considered highly collectible. These pottery items are available at all price levels, making them an attractive prospect for collectors of all types.


The McCoy Pottery Company has a long and interesting history. The American company was founded in Roseville, Ohio in April 1910. Roseville was chosen as the area was rich with clay, and the land was given to the company free of charge in recognition of the employment opportunities and revenue it would bring to the area.

The founder, Nelson McCoy (senior) established the company as the Nelson McCoy Sanitary and Stoneware Company, to produce utilitarian stoneware items. As well as producing stoneware items, the company also mined and sold clay to other potteries.

During the depression the company became part of a cooperative that collectively made and sold pottery items. This was disbanded in 1925 when the companies became independent again. At this time, McCoy Pottery extended its facilities and started to widen the range of pottery items it manufactured. A change of direction took place in 1933 when the company refocused more on the manufacture of decorative items and less on utilitarian wares.

The company changed hands during the years, and finally closed in 1990. More detailed information about the history of the company can be found at the McCoy Pottery website.


The style of antique McCoy Pottery items is wide and varied. It ranges from fun but functional items such as a lamb planter, through to the more utilitarian. As the pottery spanned such a long time period, the style of pottery made very much reflected the trends and fashions of the time. For instance early McCoy pottery echoes the art deco movement of the time, with pottery made in the 1950's and 1960's distinctly reflecting the era.

One of the most famous and collectible McCoy Pottery items is the cookie jar and there are many collectors who collect nothing but these. These took a variety of forms. The Indian themed cookie jar is extremely popular, and other cookie jars included clowns, beehives, fruit and animals of all descriptions.

Buying Antique McCoy Pottery Items

McCoy pottery is widely available. As the company was manufacturing pottery for 80 years, a huge number of items were made and many of these exist in good condition today.

There are many websites, publications and organizations that specialize in McCoy Pottery. If you are looking to buy items or start a collection it would be useful to spend some time researching the subject by browsing some of the extensive resources available.


To ensure that you know that what you are buying is the real thing, it is important to look for the makers mark on the base of the item. This is slightly complicated with McCoy Pottery as the mark changed over the years, although this does make it slightly more straightforward to date products. Different marking styles also reflected different pottery ranges. The Floraline, for instance, had its own distinct mark.

Buying Online

The internet, of course, makes the collecting of any type of item now so much easier than it once was. People from all over the world have access to antiques and collectibles that at one time would have been locally traded. This has extended dramatically the volume of items to choose from and puts buyer and seller together with great ease.

There are some websites that specialize in the sale of McCoy items, or there are the large auction sites such as Although eBay does have a section specifically for McCoy items, it is by no means a guarantee of what you are buying. The sellers need not be experts and careful consideration should be given before bidding for high priced items. Referring to the sellers feedback will give some indication as to the qualities of their service, for instance previous buyers might have flagged up positive points such as the standard of packing, or highlighted concerns such as slow response to emails. Whilst this gives no guarantees, it does allow the buyer to make a purchase with a reasonable amount of knowledge of the buyer's track record.

Antique McCoy Pottery