Antique Table Decorations

An antique paperweight with floral design.

Antique table decorations make a great addition to any vintage themed room. Decorations for a table include lamps, books, pottery pieces or collectible items. Whether you are decorating a castle or cottage, there are many beautiful decorating options for you to choose from.

How to Choose Your Antique Decorations

Decorating with antiques can be an enjoyable hobby. The trick to creating beautiful table decorations is to find the right accent piece for the room.

Let Your Room Décor Style Help Determine Your Options

When choosing antique table decorations for your room, the décor can help point you in the right direction. Consider the following examples.

  • If you are decorating a table in a Victorian parlor, embellishments could include oil lamps, paperweights, stereopticons, and vases on lace doilies or kaleidoscopes.
  • If you were decorating a beach cottage from 1910, ideas might include items made from seashells, an antique pail and shovel, and small bowls filled with seashells, marbles or rocks from the beach.
  • Colonial styled homes or rooms would look great with period pieces from this era like shaker boxes, children's toys from this era or historical weapons.
  • Rooms with 1920's flair should be decorated with Art Deco decor like lacquered boxes, Japanese accents, or items that evoke the feel of the Hollywood glamor years

Consider the Size of the Table

Decorations should always take the size of the table into consideration. The items on the table should be in scale with the size of the table. Basically, large table decorations belong on large tables or should be the only decoration on a table. For example, a large vase full of flowers would normally be the only item on a drum table in the center of a foyer. Smaller decorations can be placed in a collection on a large table, or be the focal point on a smaller table.

Where to Find Antique Table Decorations

Half of the fun of beautifying a home is shopping for the decorations. If you are shopping for antiques, you may need to do a little more hunting to find the perfect accents for your home. Antique malls offer a wide variety of items, whereas specialty stores can help you find great items for a particular décor. If you're still not sure where to start, try some of these Internet sites that sell antique table decorations for your home.

  • Tias is an online antique mall. Shop here and use the search function on the site to find the perfect antique decoration for your table.
  • eBay is a popular place to find antiques on the Internet. Be sure to insist on insurance for all antiques you buy here.
  • Kuraya Antiques specializes in Japanese antiques.
  • Colonial Antique Mall specializes in Colonial American antiques.
  • Ambiance Antiques sells French, Italian and Swedish antiques.

Pulling the Entire Look Together

Decorating with antiques can be an enjoyable hobby. Remember to take into account the scale of your items when adding accent pieces to an antique table. Smaller items will look great either in a collection on a large table, or on small tables. Larger decorations look great on large tables, or as a single item on a smaller table. Collections shouldn't take up more than one-third of the space on the entire table, and the items should somehow be related to each other. Otherwise, the table may end up looking cluttered and more like a storage place for miscellaneous items.

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Antique Table Decorations