Antique Glass and China Types, Values & Histories

Determining the Value of Pink Depression Glass

Determining the Value of Pink Depression Glass

With its warm rose color and vintage beauty, pink depression glass is a hot item among collectors and antiques enthusiasts. You can easily find this glass in most antique stores, but determining its value can… Keep reading »

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Pink depression glass coffee cups and saucer

Many people love to collect antique glass and china. There are as many ways to collect vintage glass as there are collectors. With the varied colors, styles, and patterns, collecting glass is a fascinating hobby.

Popular Types of Antique Glass and China

No matter what era you are interested in, what your favorite color is, or what china pattern you like, there is a type of collectible glass just for you.

Antique Glass Collectors Love

There are lots of kinds of antique glass that can be highly collectible, including the following:

  • Carnival glass - Carnival glass is a beautiful, iridescent, pressed glass that was given away as prizes at carnivals. It must be iridescent to be true antique Carnival glass.
  • Depression glass - Depression glass is the term used for glass plates and other items that were often given away as promotional gifts or sold very cheaply during the Depression.
  • Pressed glass - Early American pressed glass, also known as EAPG, is a heavy glass that has been pressed into a mold. It was produced from about 1850 to 1910.
  • Vaseline glass - Vaseline glass, also known as Uranium glass, is a yellowish green color and glows under a black light. This is due to a small amount of radiation emitted by the glass.

Beautiful China to Collect

There are also collectors of fine china. These people have hearts that beat a little faster when they see a certain Royal Doulton pattern or Victorian china from Bavaria.

Some of the popular manufacturers include the following:

Antique Glass and China Values

If you have a piece of vintage glassware or china, you may wonder if it's worth anything at all. In fact, some special pieces of glass or antique china can be worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars. The key to knowing whether you have a treasure on your hands is doing a little research.

  • Learn about what you collect. If you collect something specific like pink Depression glass, learn about rare and valuable pieces that can be worth $100 or more.
  • Find out how to sort trash from treasures. Some types of antique glass, such as old bottles, can vary in value from less than a dollar to more than $100. If you know the factors affecting the value, you can pick items that are worth the most.
  • Know what makes something special. Items like antique teacups can vary in value based on lots of factors, but one of those is beauty. If you can spot something really special, it may be worth a great deal.

Identifying Antique Glassware and China Patterns

One important aspect of determining if you antique china or glassware is valuable is identifying the piece. Each piece has some special marks or characteristics that offer clues about its history.

  • Learn to identify antique glass. From color to shape to pattern, there are lots of ways to identify antique glassware. Look for maker's marks, pontil spots, and more.
  • Strategize about china identification. There are thousands of china patterns in existence, and some of them are important and valuable. Learning to identify antique china patterns starts with figuring out the type of china, finding the backstamp, and looking at the details of the pattern.
  • Find marks on stemware. Although the marks can be subtle, many pieces of stemware have clues to help identify the pattern or age of the piece. You can use strategies to identify vintage crystal glassware and stemware and match your piece with others in its pattern.

Caring for Your Antique China and Glass

Although antique glass and china has probably survived many fumbles, you will want to treat it with care. Keep these care tips in mind:

  • Always put a tea towel in the bottom of the sink when washing or rinsing.
  • Hand wash antique china and glass in mild soap only.
  • Keep your items out of direct sunlight.
  • Use care in how you display pieces. Three-pronged stretchers can cause the china to have pressure cracks.
  • It is fine to use your collectibles, such as antique dishes; just be gentle with them.

Take the Time to Learn About Your Treasures

Whether you're a seasoned collector or just want to find out a bit more about your treasures, there's lots to learn about vintage and antique china and glassware. Take the time to find out more about the identification, history, and value of your treasured pieces so you can enjoy them even more.

Antique Glass and China Types, Values & Histories