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How to Determine 2 Dollar Bill Values

How to Determine 2 Dollar Bill Values

Due to their rarity, some 2-dollar bills' value may be much more than two dollars. In fact, certain cases, these bills can be worth thousands. Like all collectable coins and bills, 2-dollar bill value depends… Keep reading »

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Knowing what your antiques or collectibles are worth is very important, especially if you are thinking of selling them. To ensure that you get the most out of your precious, learn how to find the right guide for whatever you got hidden in your attic.

The Right Price Guide

Your guide should not only be current, it should be specific to the items that you collect. A rare books price guide is not going to do you much good if you are collecting baseball cards or Star Wars. While there are free online antique price guides available, these guides are pretty general. There are also apps that you can use on your phone. If using print, it's smart to get a smaller size guide if possible. A small price guide can go anywhere, easily fitting into a pocket or purse.

Collectible Value

Collectibles can be anything from Franklin Mint collectibles to Royal Doulton Figurines. Collectibles might also be old postage stamps, rare coins, or even 2 dollar bills. A collectible price guide can easily tell you how much your collectibles are worth.

Guide to Antiques

You can often find very general antique price guides on the Internet. However, these should be used as only very general, ballpark figures. A current guide is the best way to assure yourself that you are getting a good deal on what you are buying or getting a fair price on what you are selling. You'll also want to look for an antique guide for your specific antique. For example, there are guides for antique cars, rare vases, classic toys and even antique tools. Keep in mind that restoration can also affect the value.

Knowing What to Look For

Do you know which figurines are worth the most or the best series of comic books to collect? What's a buffalo nickel's value these days? If you are a novice collector, then you need to know what to look for. Look for a guide that has a lot of color pictures, includes good descriptions, and is easy for you to understand. Remember that any value is based on the author's opinion and an item could easily be worth more to the right buyer.

Getting an Appraisal

Maybe a guide isn't breaking it down for what you have. In that case, you might want to consider getting it appraised. Getting a formal appraisal is going to cost you. Learn how much you can expect before you set a foot through the door. You can go the route of a free online appraisal or even a free informal appraisal. Having a solid understanding of your item's worth can make sure that you don't get swindled on your rare comic books.

The Power of Knowledge

Price guides for your antiques and collectables are a quick and easy way for you to know and understand their worth. It makes it simple and easy check a value whenever you need to. Remember that a price guide is not totally infallible. Use common sense when shopping and don't make a purchase that you are not comfortable with.

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