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Article Highlight: Carnival Glass Antiques Value

With its stunningly beautiful colors, iridescent glaze, and endless variety, carnival glass is a popular collector's item that used to be given away for free. Today, it's common for single pieces to fetch $30… Keep reading »

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Antique price guides are an important resource for any collector. Whether you are a novice or have been collecting antiques for years you can benefit from the advice found in a current guide.

Choosing Antique Price Guides

Your guide should not only be current, it should be specific to the items that you collect.

A rare books price guide is not going to do you much good if you are collecting baseball cards or Star Wars. Keep your eyes open for updated price guides that are specific to your collectible interests.

You can often find very general antique price guides on the Internet. However these should be used as only very general, ballpark figures. A current guide is the best way to assure yourself that you are getting a good deal on what you are buying, or getting a fair price on what you are selling. You can find updated price guides at any bookstore, or online at Amazon.

Look for a guide that has a lot of color pictures, includes good descriptions, and is easy for you to understand. Remember that any value is based on the author's opinion and an item could easily be worth more to the right buyer.

It is smart to get a smaller size guide if possible. A small price guide can go anywhere, easily fitting into a pocket or purse. It is a simple matter to check a value whenever you need to. Remember that a price guide is not totally infallible. Use common sense when shopping and don't make a purchase that you are not comfortable with.

Antique Price Guides