Pictures of Antiques

Vintage Tea Towel Designs & Embroidery Patterns

Vintage Tea Towel Designs & Embroidery Patterns

Vintage tea towels offer a fascinating glimpse at domestic arts and textile history. You can collect these beautiful designs for use in your home today and display them in shadow boxes, frames, and other ways.… Keep reading »

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Variety of antique items

If it is true that a picture is worth a thousand words, then antiques slideshows are worth an entire library. Sometimes, especially in the antiques and collectibles genre, it is impossible to explain how something looks. In these cases when great vocabulary is just not quite good enough, images can come to the rescue.

Antique Glass Pictures

Many people love to look at antique slideshows to help them identify antique glassware. Decorative glasses often include beautiful colors, shapes and designs like Depression glass patterns. Another popular type of antique glass are jars. Pictures of antique Mason jars can help you determine the age of your collection while pictures for identifying old bottles are great for discerning the original purpose of a glass bottle. Those with larger old glass pieces like antique leaded glass windows or antique stained glass windows can use slideshows to learn about the history of these items.

Images of Antique Tools

Antique tools come in both small and large sizes and were used both indoors and outside. Smaller antique hand tools range from antique silverware to antique hay rakes. Hand tools were a necessary part of life for generations passed since modern machines weren't invented yet. Larger tools used around the house include antique weathervanes with carved animals and antique cast-iron stoves for cooking. Most of these tools were made from a variety of metals, while some were made from wood. Many of these items are used solely for decorative purposes today.

Photos of Antique Furniture and Accessories

If you've got family heirloom furniture, you might want to know how old it actually is. For example, you can learn to identify old rocking chairs based on factors like size and material. Cast iron stove photos bring back memories of times gone by. Useful and decorative household accessories like Seth Thomas antique mantle clocks or antique oil lamps are also fun to explore. You can even compare smaller decorative items like tea towel embroidery patterns to the ones you own to see if they are antiques or replicas. These slideshows provide you with useful information, but can also serve as decorative inspiration for your home's interior design.

See the Past

Antiques slideshows are filled with images of items used decades or centuries ago. Viewing these images is like seeing into the past as you image who owned these items and what they looked like in their original setting. Images of antiques are valuable today because they can help you determine if the items you have are real or replicas.

Pictures of Antiques