Article Highlight: Determining the Value of Beanie Babies: What Are Yours Worth?

You don't have to be a '90s baby to be able to recognize a Beanie Baby's classic silhouette from tons of feet away. Like the infamous Furby and Tamagotchi toys, Beanie Babies have recently undergone a resurgence… Keep reading »

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Signed Collectible Baseballs

Collectibles are basically anything that has value to someone and that people want to collect. But they are more than that - they can bring passion, entertainment, fun and satisfaction to our lives. The search for an elusive collectible can make otherwise sane people do crazy things, like stand in line for two hours to be the first one allowed into an estate sale.

Antique or a Collectible

The term collectible became more popular after 1930, when the U.S. Government deemed that to be called an antique an object had to be at least 100 years old. Objects that did not meet that requirement but were still sought after were labeled as collectibles. However, an object does not need to be old to be a collectible, in fact, many manufacturers created brand new, limited edition versions of their products specifically for the collectors' market such as Madame Alexander dolls and Franklin Mint. Rare Funko Pops are an example of a more modern collectible that's extremely popular with collectors.

Pick Your Collectibles

Some people have always felt a draw to their favorite type of collectibles, like collector plates, while others stumbled upon them by accident, perhaps reading an article that piqued their interest on how to sell Beanie Babies, or spotting a 1920s style beaded purse at an antiques shop and instantly falling in love. Some choose collectibles that carry them back to their childhoods, like Barbie dolls, while others choose collectibles that tie in with a more current interest, such as NASCAR, Funko Pop collecting, or a brand of beer. Before long, they are joining collectors' groups, buying reference manuals and haunting antiques shops, online auctions, garage sales and flea markets looking for a fine specimen to add to their collections - and loving every minute of it.