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Antique Cook Stoves: Wood & Propane Varieties of the Past

Antique Cook Stoves: Wood & Propane Varieties of the Past

Antique cook stoves were once considered the heart of the historic home. As the stove warmed the kitchen, the aromas of freshly baking bread, simmering stew, and roasting meat filled the room, and for many decades,… Keep reading »

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Vintage Enamelware

There is something about kitchen collectibles that everyone loves. Whether it is finding the perfect Hull cookie jar to complement your retro kitchen or a teacup just like Grandma's, kitchen collectibles bring a special feeling of nostalgia to many people.

Just about any gadget ever used in a kitchen can be considered a collectible. Items with red or green wooden handles are just one example of hot items sought after by people who will be glad to pay 30 dollars for that old potato masher that you found in the attic. The worn handles and faded paint are part of the charm.

However, as with any type of antique or collectible, condition counts. Items are expected to have some flaws because of age but things like cracks (especially in antique stoneware crocks), broken parts, rust, and chips will lower the value and the desirability of any kitchen collectible for most collectors.

Using Kitchen Collectibles

Kitchen collectibles are favorites of many because they can be used as well as displayed on that antique stove, especially if it's a cast iron stove. There is something about a collectible teapot that makes any tea party special. Rolling out a pie crust with a rolling pin that has been worn smooth by years of use turns the act of making a pie into an afternoon of memories. Atlas Mason jars sitting on a shelf add a charm all their own.Using the collectibles is one of the joys of owning them; but, there are some steps you should take to ensure that they are around for future generations.

Delicate Care Required

  • Never wash collectibles in the dishwasher. Always hand wash with gentle dish soap and dry carefully.
  • Display away from direct sunlight and extremes of heat and cold. Keep away from air conditioning and heating vents.
  • Most wooden items can be wiped with olive oil to keep them in top condition.

Take care of your collectibles for many more years of use and enjoyment.

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