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Civil War Memorabilia: Everything You Need to Know

Civil War Memorabilia: Everything You Need to Know

American history buffs' gateway into antique collecting often comes first through acquiring Civil War memorabilia. From a young age, Americans are exposed to so much from the major 19th century conflict, whether… Keep reading »

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Civil War Artillery

Militaria is a term used to describe collectible items and artifacts of military, police, and security equipment. These artifacts are collected for not only their historical significance but even artistic value, as in the case of military posters and propaganda. Also included and collected are photographs and other images, books, magazines and newspapers. In fact, the list is quite long when it comes to collecting militaria.

Antique Weapons Collections

It wouldn't be militaria without the weapons. Your mind might first jump to images of antique flintlock rifles, but antique swords and collectible knifes are a popular commodity too. Go beyond just Remington and Winchester in historic firearm memorabilia to specific firearms used during the American Civil War, WWI and WWII.

Uniforms, Armor and Gear

Beyond the weapons, militaria is all about the style. From uniforms to armor, re-enactors might use these to dress up or it might just be for your own personal collection to display. For example, you can check out collections of Civil War hats or soldier's uniforms. And, authenticity can be found in the accessories. Learn about ranks and insignias, along with other flourishes that define these uniforms.

Moving Media of the Time

Militaria media is not only interesting but tells you about the time and culture. Learn more about WWI propaganda and posters or political cartoons from the Civil War. These little pieces of history can tell you so much about the attitudes, issues and people of the time.

Popular War Militaria

Wars and militaria go together like peas and carrots. From the uniforms to the guns, some of these items are used by historic re-enactors to add credibility to their character. Others are displayed and enjoyed for their artistic, and historic value. Items like Civil War quilt patterns are not classic militaria but, because they are associated with a certain war, they can be associated with medals, helmets, and weapons.

Civil War

Speaking of re-enactment, the American Civil War is a big one. You can find a lot of authentic and reproductions of Civil War gear. Collecting Civil War memorabilia like documents, art and autographs can be an extensive hobby. Because this war was fought on American soil, there isn't a lack of collectables even down to the era flags.

Collector and Expert Opinions

Militaria experts are where it is at. Collectors and experts in the field can answer your questions about antique Winchester rifles or classic knifes. Gun collectors can also help you to appraise the worth of your important firearms collections. You can even take a poll to help you figure out if antique firearms should be regulated.

Military Memorabilia

Militaria can be an excellent investment if the item is rare or has an unusual provenance. Always get a Certificate of Authenticity if at all possible. If there are several items, and a letter that links them together, for example, be sure to keep them together because they are worth more that way. Collecting militaria can be an interesting, as well as profitable, hobby.

Militaria Collectibles