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Article Highlight: Where to Sell Rare Books and How to Get Started

Whether you're a bibliophile, a collector or someone looking for a possible way to supplement your income, you may be thinking of ways to buy and sell rare books. As if their distinctive smell isn't a strong… Keep reading »

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Rare Books

Collecting rare books can be complicated with the various components to consider from quality to edition. The articles in LoveToKnow Antiques have the information you need to start or grow your collection, from specific types of rare books, to the information you'll need to find, collect and store them.

The Best Collections

Not all rare books may be worthy of collection. Learn about some of the popular types of books to collect, as well as what makes them worthy of collection. Get information on types of books such as:

  • Religious Books: Learn about different collectible religious books, such as rare Christian books or rare occult books.
  • Science Books: As science changes, books can become outdated quickly. Learn which types of antique medical and rare science books are worth collecting.
  • Classics: Learn what makes a book a classic, and get lists of popular and rare classic books to collect.

Grow Your Collection

If you're new to collecting books, or you're looking to expand your current collection, LoveToKnow Antiques has the information to help you. Get the tools you need to succeed in your collecting, such as:

  • Values: Learn about the values given to rare books, as well as values that are given to first editions.
  • Finding Rare Books: Learn the best ways to go about searching for rare books, as well as how to identify the books once you find them.
  • Storing: Once you bring your books home, learn the best way to care for and store them to protect them and their value.

Start Collecting

With the tools and information that the writers and editors of LoveToKnow Antiques can provide at your disposal, you'll find it easier than ever to grow your rare book collection. Get informed on the many facets of rare book collecting and start a new collection today.

Rare Books