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How to Determine the Value of Waltham Watches

How to Determine the Value of Waltham Watches

Waltham watches values vary tremendously. Finding the value of a Waltham or any collectible watch needs to take into account many factors. Keep reading »

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Whether you're an avid collector or are simply curious about the value of a find you scored in an antique shop or at a flea market, LoveToKnow Antiques provides a wealth of information on vintage collectibles of all kinds. This is the place to learn about collecting everything from vintage globes to antique violins.

Reliable Information on Vintage Collectibles

Searching for information on the Internet can be overwhelming, particularly when it comes to obscure or specific collectibles. Fortunately, the writers and editors of LoveToKnow Antiques do the research for you, hunting down the most up-to-date information on the history, value, and shopping resources for everything you collect, even vintage Madame Alexander doll values. You'll find dozens of well-researched articles full of reliable, unbiased information on collectibles of all kinds.

Vintage Jewelry and Watches

If you collect vintage jewelry, you know that there's a lot to learn about the various eras, types of jewelry, and values for specific items.

  • Discover the beauty and value in vintage glass cameos, which can include pins, brooches, pendants, and other pieces.
  • Read up on antique bracelet watches by various manufacturers, and find out how much your bauble might be worth.
  • Learn about specific watch brands that are popular with collectors, such as Seiko, Waltham, and even Swatch.

Vintage Clothing

Collecting vintage clothing is a fun and funky hobby, and many pieces can be quite valuable. Before you invest in a pretty frock from a bygone era, learn what makes vintage dresses desirable to collectors. Also find out about clothing from specific periods, such as those exquisite dresses from the 1950s, as well as vintage clothing from earlier eras.

Vintage Posters and Ephemera

If you're one of the many people who enjoy collecting vintage posters and other paper ephemera, there's plenty of great information for you here:

Vintage Cars and Bikes

Many collectors love focusing on specific modes of transportation. If you love Studebakers, Model Ts, or another vintage model, it helps to know the basics of how to buy a vintage car before you make a big investment.

With the recent resurgence in bicycle culture, vintage bikes are another hot collectible item. Whether you're looking for a specific manufacturer, such as Raleigh or Schwinn, or you simply want to learn more about vintage bikes in general, this is the place to find information on value, condition, and the hottest items on the bike collecting market.

Track Down Your Next Spectacular Find

No matter what you collect, you've come to the right place to find reliable information on the topic. You can trust the insights you gain at LoveToKnow Antiques, and the articles here can help you track down your next spectacular find.

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