Collectible Teapots

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It seems that collectible teapots continue to grow in popularity. Among collectors the more unique teapots are usually the most popular. The pots can be vintage, or new, figural or floral in design, as long as they are whimsical, unusual, or appealing in some way they fit the bill.

What are Collectible Teapots?

Exactly what makes a teapot a collectible teapot?

They can be vintage or new, the age of the pot is often not a consideration amongst teapot collectors. The collector is more interested in the character of the pot itself. Many of these teapots are humorous representations of people, sometimes even making a quiet political statement on the tea table. Others are created to commemorate some current event, and still others are created for the pure fun of the form that they take. The most collectible teapots are those that are designed well and created in small numbers. In this way they will be more in demand, making the teapot more desirable to have as part of your collection.

Since there are so many different types of teapots you should do some research before you begin your collection. Buying a good price guide for teapots would be a wise investment. By looking through it you can decide if there is a certain theme that appeals to you most. What is in your price range? While choosing a teapot based only on popularity is not a great idea, it is wise to familiarize yourself with what is currently popular.

Displaying the Teapots

Using a collectible teapot as part of a theme tea is a great way to show it off. If you are having a theme tea party, a Valentine's Day tea for example, it is fun to use a cupid teapot, or one shaped like a heart.

When not in use teapots are a great decorating item, bringing masses of color wherever they are placed. Sitting atop the kitchen cabinets, these teapots can bring vibrant color and whimsy to nearly any style kitchen. With glass front cabinets, the teapots can be enjoyed while they are safely tucked away. Whether they are used often or displayed, these fascinating teapots are fun collectibles that can be enjoyed by anyone.

Types of Teapots

Red ware stacking tea set
Red Ware stacking tea set, Japan

There are so many types of collectible teapots it would be impossible to describe them all. The collector can be very flexible in collecting, choosing to pick up whatever catches her fancy. Alternatively, she can choose to be very focused and collect only dog teapots, for example. Some of the more popular teapots to collect are:

  • Figural- Men, women, children, political figures and historical figures
  • Animal- Bunnies, cats, dogs, deer, camels, chickens
  • Vehicles- Cars, trains, planes, boats, a horse and carriage
  • Cartoon Characters- Garfield, Popeye, Superman, Pooh, Eyeore
  • Food- Fruit, vegetables, cookies, cakes
  • Commemorative-buildings, people, inventions

Internet Resources

The Internet is a wonderful resource for novelty teapots, whether you are collecting a wide variety, or choosing to focus on a certain type of pot. Collectible teapots abound, in all price ranges, types and ages.Some of the best resources for these amazing teapots are:

  • eBay
  • British Novelty Teapots- one of the primary importers of British teapots, this company has some fabulous examples. Be sure to look through the Wallace and Gromit collection.
  • All Teapots- although they have a huge collection of pots, this link is to the cowboy and western collection of teapots.
  • Amazon
Yixing teapot
Yixing teapot

In addition to buying the teapots on the Internet, there are several blogs and chat boards geared toward collectible teapots. By joining an online community you can talk with people who have been collecting for years. They are a great places to ask questions, and keep up with the latest trends and information. These sites are easily found when doing a web search.

Teapots are as fun to collect as novelty cookie jars. You can find them almost anywhere, and a big part of the fun of collecting teapots is the thrill of the hunt. Keep your eyes open at garage sales, thrift shops, and specialty stores for that perfect teapot to round out your collection.


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