Crane Teapot

crane teapot

The crane teapot has been a popular design for many centuries in China, Japan and other oriental countries. The fact that this motif is still used today is a testament to the timelessness and appeal of this symbol.

The Symbolism of the Crane

The crane is an important symbol in oriental art. In places like Korea, China, and Japan the crane represents:

  • Fidelity
  • Longevity
  • Immortality
  • Prosperity
  • Good health

Because of these associations, the crane motif is used extensively as a wedding symbol. The crane is used on bridal gowns, gifts, food shapes and even ice sculptures. This makes the crane teapot an ideal wedding gift for any culture, as well as a wonderful collectible.

Where to Find Crane Teapots

If you are looking for a gift for a friend that loves teapots, a crane motif may be just the way to acknowledge your hopes for your friend's prosperity and good health. These teapots are easily found in many teashops, both locally and on the Internet. Be sure to read the details carefully if you are buying online. Some teapots are larger than others so it is important to understand the details.

Some especially beautiful crane tea sets and teapots may be found:

  • Teavana Celadon Tea set Celadon is a beautiful type of pottery that is created using an ancient method. This tea set is handmade in Korea by artisans that use this time consuming technique. Different colors of clay are layered to create the unique look. The set contains a large teapot which holds 52 ounces of tea, and two eight ounce tea cups.
  • Calamity Crane Teapot is a limited edition design from Fitz and Floyd. It has recently been retired but can be found on auctions sites like eBay. Pots that have been retired tend to rise rapidly in value and are wonderful to add to collections.
  • Enjoying Tea has a traditional cast iron teapot with a crane design. Cast iron heats tea evenly and have the ability to keep the tea piping hot for a long time. This is a beautifully designed pot that will last.
  • Korean Arts carries this beautiful celadon set with an inlaid cranes and clouds design. This would be an especially beautiful wedding gift.

Suzanne Crane

Suzanne Crane is an artist that creates stoneware teapots and other items by hand. Her work is done in the Arts and Crafts style of the early twentieth century. She has done exhibitions all over the United States, including:

  • Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show
  • The American Craft Exposition in Evanston, IL.
  • The Cherry Creek Arts Festival in Denver, CO.
  • The Saint Louis Art Fair
  • The Long's Park Art Festival in Lancaster, PA.

Susan Crane Biography

Growing up in a family of nature lovers impacted Susan early on. Her designs often contain designs from nature like twigs and leaves. She earned a BA in English and Creative Writing from University of Wisconsin-Madison before moving to Charlottesville, Virginia. While teaching in the Virginia Community College System she began taking pottery classes and became more involved with pottery as time when on.

Susan worked as a studio assistant to Tom Clarkson and studied with artisans like:

  • Susan Filley
  • Steven Hill
  • Jim Parmentier
  • Royce Yoder
  • Millicent Young

She lives in Central Virginia where she opened Mud Dauber Pottery in 1997. She is currently represented online by Artful Home.

Whether you are looking for Crane teapots or crane teapots, the Internet will provide links to some of the most unique items available. The crane motif is one that has been around for centuries and will continue to be a classic for centuries to come.

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