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Arizona mountains

For many people, buying their first DeGrazia collector plate is the beginning of a lifetime of DeGrazia plate collecting. Ted DeGrazia's paintings and sketches of Indian children, angels and the native culture of the American Southwest depict his subjects in such ways that they are endearing to the heart.

Ettore "Ted" DeGrazia

Born in 1909 in an Arizona mining camp, Ettore DeGrazia, known as Ted, always had a love for art and music. Following the publication of his first artwork in the magazine Arizona Highways in 1941, DeGrazia went to Mexico to work with two master muralists, Jose Clemente Orozco and Diego Rivera. While in Mexico, these two renowned artists sponsored an exhibition of DeGrazia's works at the famous Palacio de Belles Artes in Mexico City.

In 1960 Ted DeGrazia became known throughout the world when his painting Los Ninos - Children of the World was selected for the UNICEF Christmas cards. From that point on, his sketches and paintings have been reproduced on everything from collector plates to jewelry making him one the most reproduced artists of all time.

Collector Plates DeGrazia Style

DeGrazia's style and almost impressionistic use of color may seem simplistic at first glance, but you soon realize that it is the simplicity that draws you into his work. Each collector plate makes you use your imagination as you gaze at the subjects in the scene. Indian children at play, a lone horseback rider or an Indian maiden all painted with a style of grace and movement that makes them appear real. However, the faces of DeGrazia's subjects were painted with very little, if any, facial expression or detail. Because of this the viewer must use his own imagination to decide what DeGrazia's subjects were feeling.

Lost Ninos- Children of the World De Grazia's First Collector Plate

In 1976 Ted DeGrazia's famous painting Los Ninos - Children of the World was issued by Gorham Fine China as the first limited edition collector plate. With a run of 5,000 these signed 10 ¼ inch plates are valued at over $1,000. Four years later Los Ninos was also issued as the first in the De Grazia miniature plate series. This tiny plate measured only one inch in diameter and came in a tiny plastic box. The first run of this adorable mini collector plate numbered 5,000.

DeGrazia Collector Plates

Produced by Artists of the World collector plates by Ted DeGrazia are highly desired by collectors worldwide. The collector plates were issued in various series based on a common theme or motif. The following a representation of the various series and a sampling of the plates in each series.

Mini Collector Plates by DeGrazia

DeGrazia mini collector plates, measuring only one inch in diameter, are often displayed as a complete series in one frame. Another popular way to display these precious little works of art is to display all of the 1st plates from various series grouped together.


Ted DeGrazia continues to live on through this many works. Each DeGrazia collector plate continues to bring a sense of the spirit and charm to collectors of Southwest and Native American art.

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DeGrazia Collector Plate