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Pictures of Depression Glass Patterns

Anchor Hocking Moonstone

There were a variety of Depression glass patterns created during the 1930s as an incentive for consumers to buy certain products. Companies like Quaker would put a piece of glassware in one of their products. The more products the consumer bought the quicker they completed a set of dishes or glasses. Some companies handed out pieces just for utilizing the company's services. The glassware became collectible in the early 1960s and has been popular since then. The Moonstone pattern was put out by Anchor Hocking. It has clear hobnails with milky white edges. It was manufactured from 1941 through 1947, slightly after Depression glass.

Harvest Pattern by Indiana Glass

Indiana Glass produced this grape pattern in several different colors, including red flash glass as shown in this footed compote.

Harvest Pattern Detail

Here is a closer look at the detail of this pattern.

Patrician Pattern by Federal

This pattern was manufactured from 1933 to 1937. It is sometimes called the spoke pattern. It comes in clear, green, pink, and amber as shown here. Pink and green are slightly more desirable than the amber or clear.

Reproduction Depression Glass

Be careful. Some companies have reproduced popular Depression glass patterns. It is very easy to mistake the real thing from the reproduction.

Green Depression Glass Patterns

Many items were made with this star motif. The deep green is very popular among people who collect Depression glass. This banana split dish has stars and a crimped edge to make it unique. View more pictures of pink or green depression glass.

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Pictures of Depression Glass Patterns