Ford Mustang Memorabilia


Ford Mustang memorabilia is prized among car enthusiasts with an affinity for these sleek American sports cars. Many Americans fell in love with Ford Mustangs when they were first introduced in 1964, and the cars are still revered by car enthusiasts today.

Mustang Club of America

The non-profit Mustang Club of America (MCA) is dedicated to the care, history, enjoyment, and preservation of Ford Mustangs. Formed in 1977, the organization has more than 170 chapters, primarily located in the United States and Canada. Most members own Ford Mustangs. Some own newer vehicles and others have vintage models.

MCA has published Mustang Times magazine since its inception. Mustang enthusiasts can view the publication's articles and advertisements online, with the exception of the current year's issues.

Mustang Club Books is MCA's official online bookstore. The store carries extensive selections of books about Mustangs, as well as a number of volumes about racing, motorcycles, general nostalgia, and more.

Local MCA chapters hold car show, rally, and swap meet events on a regular basis. These occasions offer excellent opportunities for Mustang enthusiasts to view beautifully restored machines and locate hard-to-find memorabilia.

Where to Buy Ford Mustang Memorabilia


There are many online resources for locating Ford Mustang memorabilia. Whether you are interested in pictures, models, accessories, signs, or even an actual vintage or new Mustang, you are likely to be impressed by the availability of high quality and interesting collectibles.

  • offers framed and unframed photographs, posters, and fine art prints depicting the beauty of Ford Mustangs throughout history.

Mustangs in Museums


Vintage Mustang enthusiasts might enjoy visiting one or more of the museums that house particularly fine examples of restoration work.

  • The Henry Ford Museum (Detroit, MI) is home to the very first Mustang ever produced.
  • The Peterson Automotive Museum (Los Angels, CA) is home to an impressive collection of muscle cars and other vintage automobiles.
  • The Telstar Museum (Mitchell, South Dakota) features an extensive collection of fully restored Mustang, Shelby, and Cobra vehicles.

Mustang Publications

Mustang enthusiasts can learn a great deal about the cars they love and get ideas for expanding their memorabilia collections by reading books and magazines dedicated to these automobiles.

Other Resources for Ford Mustang Memorabilia Collectors

Building Your Collection

If the Ford Mustang has captured your heart, you have probably visited more than your share of car shows, and you may even have a restoration project in progress in your garage. Whether your Mustang hobby involves collecting memorabilia for display in your home or if you prefer the type of memorabilia that you can drive, you are in good company. Enjoy the journey as you search for the perfect items to complete your collection.

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Ford Mustang Memorabilia