Guide to Ganz Cottage Collectibles

Snowdon the snowman bear

Beautiful artist designed limited edition bears and other plush animals, whimsical resin figurines and exquisite porcelain dolls make up the Ganz Cottage Collectible line. Most of these adorable critters and dolls are already retired, or are soon to be retired. These cuddly creatures and magnificent dolls, with their attention to detail and affordable prices are quickly winning the hearts of collectors everywhere.

Cottage Collectible by Ganz

Cottage Collectibles is a unique line of the Ganz Giftware Company. Each of these precious collectibles was designed by an artist that started in a home based cottage industry. Many of these artisans have gone on to become award winning bear artists with their inspired and heartfelt designs.

The Plush Collection

The plush collection is made up of full size and miniature stuffed animals including:

  • Bears
  • Cats
  • Dogs
  • Frogs
  • Bunnies
  • Monkeys
  • Pigs
  • Mice

Many of these lovable soft creatures with their endearing expressions are wearing outfits designed by the artists. The fully jointed plush pieces range in size from 26 inches to 1 ½ inches, the smallest animal in the miniature collection. Most of the stuffed animals are made of soft plush fabric but there are a few made of mohair. Plush Cottage Collectibles have the designer's initials embroidered on a paw.

Porcelain Dolls

The porcelain dolls in the Cottage Collectible collection are made of high quality porcelain. Each limited edition doll has porcelain legs, arms, head and breastplate. The head is movable and the doll's face is hand painted. The legs and arms have fabric joints making them easy to pose. These gorgeous dolls are dressed in realistic period costumes.

There are several ways to identify an original Cottage Collectible doll.

  • On the back of each Cottage Collectible doll's upper back plate is a mark of authenticity.
  • The number of dolls in the limited edition and the specific doll's number are stamped on the back plate.
  • Tied to the doll's wrist is a heart charm with the original designer's initials engraved on it.
  • A certificate of authenticity also was packaged in the box with each doll.

Resin Figurines

Cottage Collectible resin figurines are whimsical, endearing animal figurines designed by the same artists that designed the plush collection. These little treasures measure approximately three to five inches tall and are highly detailed. Many of the figurine characters match the animals in the Cottage Collectible plush collection.

The Cottage Collectible Designers

The following are several of the current and former designers of the Cottage Collectible line.

  • Mary Holstad
  • Sue Coe
  • Christy Rave
  • Lorraine Chien
  • Carol Kirby
  • Catharine Tredger
  • Teri Zanetti
  • Linda Steele
  • Pam Hamel
  • Mary Ann Gebhardt
  • Peggy Dey

Examples of Ganz Cottage Collectibles

  • A beautiful porcelain doll named Ali, designed by Linda Steele, holds Li'l Panda designed by Lorraine Chein.
  • A miniature bear bellhop stands 2 3/4 inches high designed by Mary Ann Gebhardt

Where to Find Cottage Collectibles Online

The following is a sampling of the many excellent websites offering Ganz Cottage Collectibles.

The Ganz Company

The Ganz Giftware Company began in 1950 in Toronto, Canada, as a toy distribution company. Started by Samuel Ganz and his sons, Jack and Samuel, this privately owned company has thousands of retail locations worldwide.Ganz offers a variety of giftware lines, from lovable plush animals to jewelry and home decor. Many of the Ganz products, such as their Cottage Collectibles are artist designed. The company's giftware lines include:

  • Cottage Collectibles
  • Webkinz
  • Heritage Collection
  • Fadoozles
  • Time and Again
  • Bella Casa
  • Treasured Memories
  • Maggie B
  • Jewelry

An Affordable Collectible

If you are looking for an affordable collectible, the Ganz Cottage Collection is a perfect choice. Prices of these lovely creations start at a few dollars and most are priced under $100. With the vast selection of precious plush, beautiful collectible dolls and cute figurines, there is sure to be one, or a dozen, that will steal your heart..

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