Green Depression Glass

Green Depression Glass Cup

Green Depression Glass is nearly as popular as pink, and in some areas may even be more popular. It can come in a variety of colors from a pale yellow green that resembles Vaseline Glass to a deep emerald green that is very striking.

Poinsettia Pattern

The poinsettia pattern was a popular pattern that came in a couple of different colors.

Diamond Pattern Sugar Bowl

This sugar bowl has a diamond pattern that shows off the deep green nicely.

Daisy Pattern Platter

This light green depression glass platter has a daisy pattern.

Detail of Daisy Platter

Here is a close up of the platter in the previous image. You can see the way the light plays in the pattern.

Sandwich Tray

Here is a light green sandwich tray. It's simple style makes it perfect to hold jewelry and other small objects on a dressing table.

Dark Green Bowl

The fleur de lis design is cut deeply into this dark green glass bowl. The dark green Depression Glass is eagerly sought after by collectors.

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Green Depression Glass