How to Collect Framed Art

Scenic framed artwork

Often people wonder how to collect framed art. They are not sure if they are mixing their artwork correctly, or if there are certain unwritten rules they are supposed to follow when they add to their framed art collection.

An Overview of Framed Art

Framed artworks can vary in price from several dollars to several million dollars. Obviously, the majority of people are not able to buy an original framed Picasso or Dali, but most collectors are able to purchase a beautiful framed print of one. Framed art exists in many price ranges, styles, and designs. Prints are available to suit almost everyone's taste and budget.

Owning framed art should bring you pleasure as it was created to be enjoyed. Collecting it is a personal preference and there are not any unwritten rules that you need to follow. The framed art you collect should be a reflection of the things in life that you enjoy or admire. Many people collect framed art of a particular style, artist or era. Others love artwork of a certain theme or subject. For example if a framed art collector loves paintings and pictures of flowers, their artwork collection may make them feel as if they are surrounded by beautiful gardens.

Types of Framed Art

When you decide to collect framed art you may want to limit your collection to one type, such as prints, or to mix several types of art together, such as prints and paintings. The following are the more common types of framed art that are popular with collectors.

  • Paintings of all types are popular with framed art collectors. Antique, contemporary or modern paintings created with various media, including oil, acrylic and watercolor make wonderful additions to a framed art collection.
  • Drawings are also done in various media, including pastel, charcoal, pencil and ink.
  • Posters of all types and genres make wonderful framed art. classic stars, famous works of art, and offbeat artistic renditions of life are all available to the framed art collector.
  • Prints are an excellent way of collecting framed art of famous paintings ranging from antique to modern. Prints also include:
    • Etchings
    • Giclees
    • Heliogravures
    • Lithographs
    • Serigraphs
  • Photographic images, both antique and modern are popular types of framed art. Reproductions of photographs by famous photographers such as Ansel Adams are highly desired by many framed art collectors.
  • Digital Art is a relatively new art form created by digital and graphic artists and is growing in popularity by collectors.

Where to Find Framed Art

Framed art is available at many brick and mortar locations and from many online websites.

Offline Locations

Many different types of offline locations carry framed art for sale. These locations include:

  • Art galleries
  • Antique shops
  • Collectible stores
  • Home decorating stores
  • Private collectors
  • Department stores
  • Gift shops
  • Museums
  • Auctions
  • Estate sales
  • Flea markets
  • Yard sales

Framed Art Online

Framed art of all types and in all price ranges can be found online. Several of the sites include:

Collecting Framed Art - For Love or Money

There are many reasons that people decide to collect framed artworks. Some collectors simply enjoy the beautiful visual qualities that the artist has captured in their work. Other collectors, not only enjoy the visual qualities, but also take the visual aspect to a higher level, actually feeling the emotions the artist put into his work. And of course there are many collectors that collect framed art strictly as an investment, hoping for financial gain.

How to Collect Framed Art - Conclusion

A lovely work of art brings interest and life to a blank wall in a house or work place. Framed art can bring the area to life, soothe away the tensions from a stressful day and even change the way we view life as it calms an anxious mind. The next time you wonder how to collect framed art, keep in mind that art brings to each of us a personal experience that is meant to be enjoyed.

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