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Janis Joplin Memorabilia


Janis Joplin memorabilia is one of the most popular collectibles from the 1960s. Even though she only recorded two solo albums and performed on two others with the group Big Brother and the Holding Company, Janis Joplin is often described as the most significant female singer of the 1960s. The influence of her unique bluesy style of rock and roll and her songwriting talents is still felt in the recording industry, and her music is appreciated by several different generations of fans.

Collecting Janis Joplin Memorabilia

There are many different types of Janis Joplin collectibles, including posters, concert tickets, photographs, autographs, albums, and many other items.

The following retail and auction sites are great places to shop for memorabilia:

  • eBay: ever changing collection of Janis Joplin memorabilia
  • large selection of memorabilia; users can purchase current inventory and reserve next available items
  • Fine Art America: framed artwork and other items
  • Guaranteed Autographs: good selection of autographed items
  • Record Mecca: photographs, hand written letters, and more
  • Lead Pipe Posters: posters
  • Movie Market: photographs, posters, and autographed items (UK site)
  • Old Glory: many styles of Janis Joplin t-shirts
  • posters of Janis performing with Big Brother and the Holding Company

Janis Joplin Fan Sites

Websites and fan clubs dedicated to Janis Joplin are another resource for locating memorabilia. Some fan sites feature forums that allow fans to network with each other. Getting to know other collectors can be very beneficial when searching for new resources for collectibles.

Memorabilia Exhibits

There are, of course, many items in private collections that are not likely to be offered for sale any time in the near future. The following locations have displays appealing to collectors and fans:

  • The Museum of the Gulf Coast in Janis Joplin's home town of Port Arthur, TX has a permanent display featuring an extensive collection of memorabilia. Additionally, museum visitors can view on of the artist's live filmed concerts and the biographical film "Southern Discomfort."
  • The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has several pieces of Joplin memorabilia on exhibit, including her 1965 Porsche Cabriolet and jewelry, a scarf, and a number of items that the singer once used.
  • The Los Angeles Hard Rock Café memorabilia exhibit includes a pair of purple suede pants worn by Janis during the 1960s.

Enjoying Her Music

If you enjoy collecting memorabilia commemorating Janis Joplin's career, you are also likely to be a fan of her music. Even though her recordings were made long before the days of compact disc technology, you can enjoy her music on your modern stereo equipment.

Your local music store probably carries Janis Joplin CDs. You can also find her music from a number of online retailers, including:

Building Your Collection

Don't become frustrated if you can't find the items that you want to add to your collection right away. It can take a while to find authentic items from several decades ago. Be patient, and keep checking your favorite resources for new items. Remember that half the fun of being a collector is searching for new treasures!

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Janis Joplin Memorabilia