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Madonna memorabilia has become incredibly popular to today's collectors. Known as the Queen of Pop, Madonna's debut album was released in 1983 and since then she has released dozens of albums as well as several books. Impressive as that is, any serious collector of Madonna memorabilia knows that Madonna goes way beyond books and compact disks.

Madonna Fan Clubs

Born Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone on August 16, 1958, Madonna was the oldest of eight children. She moved to New York in the hopes of becoming a dancer. What she became was a Pop Music Icon.

Collectors today covet everything Madonna from t-shirts, calendars, posters and more. If you want to start collecting Madonna memorabilia, there are several places for you to check out.

  • The first place of interest is the Madonna Fan Club. There you can read an extensive biography covering Madonna's amazing career and join forums where you can talk to like-minded fans.
  • The FanPop Club has an unofficial Madonna fan club featuring images, videos, articles, links to other sites and a forum.

Joining a fan club has several benefits:

  • You'll hear the latest news about Madonna including releases of new albums so you'll be ready the day they come out.
  • You'll receive limited edition collectables when you join the Official Fan Club like the exclusive fan club t-shirt and limited edition Confessions Tour lithograph.
  • You can talk to other fans who may want to sell or trade Madonna memorabilia with you.

Madonna Memorabilia

Once you have confirmed your true fan status, you'll want to start shopping for Madonna goodies for your collection. Here are a few places to get you started:

  • The Madonna Store carries all things Madonna. They have an incredible selection including:
    • DVDs
    • CDs
    • Tour books
    • Collectibles
    • Apparel

    You'll also enjoy their Madonnalicious news page with links to Madonna downloads, gallery and forums.

  • MadonnaWeb Boutique has a nice selection of Madonna apparel as well as mugs and caps
  • Try shopping '''''' for an excellent selection of Madonna
  • Drowned Madonna is an interesting site listing auctions of Madonna memorabilia as well as clippings of the latest newspaper and magazine articles about Madonna.

Now if all of those links don't help you find the Madonna memorabilia that you are looking for, try a search on eBay and see how many Madonna auctions are listed.

Collecting Madonna memorabilia isn't like collecting antique dolls, old books, or antique cars. While these things are limited in number, getting new things to expand the collection is difficult. Instead, new Madonna collectibles will continue to become available as Madonna's career continues to grow.

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Madonna Memorabilia