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Experienced antique tool collectors know that having a price guide to antique tools is a valuable resource when adding pieces to their collections. They also know that a price guide is just as important when selling their tools regardless of the venue.

Antique Tool Price Guides: An Important Resource

Antique tool collectors know the importance of having a reliable and current price guide. This is the book they rely on for guidance while searching through antique shops, flea markets and garage sales. It often accompanies them to auction houses and rests on their desks as they browse auction websites.

Newcomers to the world of antiquing may wonder what makes antique price guides so important to antique buyers and sellers. The importance lies in the information found in antique price and identification guides. Most antique price guides provide a range value of an antique or collectible.

  • Knowing the current retail value range of an antique tool allows the buyer to make an informed decision regarding purchase price. It also gives the seller a chance to price the tool fairly. Tool price guides generally include values for tools in various conditions ranging from excellent to poor.
  • Most antique tool price guides provide illustrations or photographs of many items. Detailed descriptions are also given to assist in identifying tools.
  • Depending on the individual price guide, some or all, of the following information may also be included.
    • Information on well known tool companies such as Stanley, Disston Saws or L. Bailey Victor Tool Company
    • Charts and tables such as patent dates or company logos
    • Information on how to tell a copy, reproductions or counterfeit item

Popular Antique Tool Price Guides

The following are a few of the excellent antique tool price guides available.

Additional Resources for Locating a Price Guide to Antique Tools

There are several websites that provide free antique price guides for tools that are antique or collectible.

Collect Antique Tools the Smart Way

A current price guide to antique tools is one resource that every collector should utilize. Check out a few of the guides recommended here and arm yourself with the knowledge you need to understand the true value of your collection and the tools you want to add to it.

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Price Guide to Antique Tools