Rare Comic Books

Rare Comic Books Are Collectible

What is a rare comic book?

Back when comic books first became popular there was no thought that they would someday be valuable. Comic books were disposable items, and because they were made of paper often did not last very long.

Adventure Comics 1939

Rare comic books often introduce a new character. In this 1939 comic it is the dreaded Sandman.

All Flash Comic 1939

This 1936 comic reflected the influence of Art Deco in the cover design.

Current Events Were Reflected

Artists often used comics as a venue for political commentary or to reflect current events. The swastika on the sleeve of the figure in the lower right corner is a good example of that.

Captain America 1941

Captain America was a popular superhero from the time he was introduced.

Animal Comics 1941-1942

Comics featuring animals with human characteristics are very collectible and somewhat hard to find.

War Bonds

Comic books from the World War II era often advertised war bonds,

Antique Comics Require Care

Antique and rare comic books require special care and storage. If you are interested in collecting comics you should get the special sleeves to protect them and learn all you can about keeping them in good condition.

Special thanks to David Tosh of Heritage Auction Galleries for the images he provided.

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Rare Comic Books