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Ronald Reagan memorabilia remains a popular collector's item even now, three years after the death of the beloved former president. Even those who may not have been fond of his political views found it difficult to dislike this man, so full of charm and charisma. Collectors today eagerly seek out rare items to add to their accumulations in honor of perhaps the most loved president of the United States, Ronald Reagan.

Ronald Reagan

Ronald Reagan had an amazing career spanning more that 50 years, beginning as a sports announcer in Des Moines, Iowa in 1933. In 1937 he filmed his first picture for Warner Brothers, Love is on the Air. This was just the beginning of his Hollywood career, the highlight of which was certainly his marriage to Nancy Davis in 1952.

In 1967 Ronal Reagan was inaugurated as Governor of California and in 1980 he was elected as the 40th President of the United States by an incredible majority. Throughout his career, Ronald Reagan has had more than 60 streets, schools, libraries, hospitals and other places of interests named after him; a tribute to a truly amazing man. It is no wonder that Ronald Reagan memorabilia has become so popular to American collectors.

Ronald Reagan Memorabilia Collections

There are a great many places to view collections of Ronald's memorabilia, as well as places to purchase items to begin or expand your own collection. With so many places named after Ronald Reagan, you may like to visit a few and view the public collections for yourself. Here are a few to try.

Ronald Reagan Presidential Library

Located in Simi Valley, California, the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library is open seven days a week with the exceptions of Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day and New Years Day. At the library you can see 50 million pages of presidential documents, over one and a half million photos as well as thousands of audio and video tapes.

Permanent galleries that you can visit include:

  • The McGovern Gallery of Presidents
  • Launch Theatre
  • Early Years Gallery
  • "Citizen Governor" Gallery
  • New Beginnings Gallery
  • The Oval office
  • The Presidential Residences
  • First Lady Nancy Reagan
  • Presidential Gifts

In addition, there are several Air Force One exhibits, several temporary exhibits and a museum shop where you can find commemorative items to add to your collection. Learn more by visiting the museum website at The Reagan Foundation.

Ronald Reagan Boyhood Home

Historians and collectors alike will enjoy a visit to the Ronald Reagan boyhood home. Located in Dixon, Illinois, the completely restored home of Ronald from age nine until age twelve, also has a visitor center, a gift shop and space to relax at Reagan Memorial Park. Hour of operation vary throughout the year. Visit the website for complete information.

The Ronald Reagan Trail

While you are in Illinois, take a trip on the Ronald Reagan Trail. This self-guided tour begins in Tampico where Ronald was born. There is also a small museum there for you to visit. The trail goes through 12 cities that each made a contribution to the life of the president. More information about the Trail, visit the official website.


Other resources to purchase Ronald Reagan memorabilia can be found on the web. A simple search for Ronald Reagan on eBay yields about one thousand items. Here are more places to find Ronald Reagan collectibles:

  • Lori Ferber Collectibles has a lovely site with several pages of memorabilia including Ronald Reagan Inaugural Ball tickets, 1980 Republican Convention key chains and much more. You'll also find an informative page of presidential trivia as well as books on presidential memorabilia. This is a site every collector must see.
  • Barnes and Noble has an incredible collection of books by and about Ronald Reagan. One you'll especially enjoy is The Reagan Diaries, a beautiful hardcover book that retails for $35.00.

Many collectors enjoy owning items that pertain to famous people like Madonna, Lucille Ball or even the Beatles; but those who truly love their country and its history will always enjoy collecting Ronald Reagan memorabilia as well.

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Ronald Reagan Memorabilia