Seth Thomas Antique Mantle Clock Pictures

Seth Thomas Antique Mantle Clock

In 1853 The Seth Thomas Clock Company was organized as a corporation, replacing the previous operation that had been started by the founder, Seth Thomas. Thomas had been making carved wooden mantle clocks since 1817. The earliest of these had pillar and scroll cases and many had scenes painted on the bottom third of the case.

City Series: Santa Fe

This clock is part of the City Series. The City Series was manufactured over a 40 year period beginning in 1880. This particular piece is the Santa Fe.

Unique Metal Detailing

The Santa Fe has metal leaves attached to the case of the clock. The wood is carved to resemble twigs or lattice.

Damascened Pendulum

The pendulum was often very detailed. This is a fantastic example of a "damascened" pendulum bob. They are extremely desirable and can bring several hundred dollars just for the pendulum. The larger the bob, of course, the more it is worth.

Brass Movement

Brass movements replaced wooden ones in 1842, although wooden movements were made into 1845. The Seth Thomas antique mantle clocks have an eight-day time and strike movement.

City Series: Utica

Another of the popular City Series clocks, Utica is heavily carved and has a stenciled glass inset. It has a 22-inch walnut case.

Seth Thomas Label

You can sometimes find a label on the clock. This is very desirable as it leaves no question as to who the manufacturer was. Labels can be very helpful in determining clock values as well.

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Seth Thomas Antique Mantle Clock Pictures