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Antique Cast Iron Stoves

Early Victorian Style Stove

Antique cast iron stoves come in many types and styles. They were used for everything from heating to cooking. Some were even used to heat the passenger cars of trains.

Parlor stoves were used to heat the fancy front parlors of Victorian homes. Created with all of the embellishments that Victorians loved, these intricately detailed stoves kept Victorian society toasty in their drafty winter homes.

More Antique Cast Iron Stoves

Later parlor stoves, from the late 1800s to the early 1900s, had fewer details and were larger in size than their predecessors. They often had cook tops hidden on them, as well as openings in the doors so that the fire was visible.

Potbelly Stoves

When most people think of antique cast iron stoves they think of the old potbelly stove. These beloved stoves have been the focal point of hundreds of nostalgic scenes, whether in advertising, artwork, or literature.

What would an image of an old general store be if there was no potbellied stove in the center of the room?

Column Stoves

This style of stove was used for heating, but it also often had a single cook lid under the centerpiece on the surface of the stove. It had decorative columns, draft control, and other features that made it unique. The column stove began showing up around 1830.

Cylinder Stoves

The cylinder stove came in three sizes. The smallest would be used to heat bedrooms and other small rooms while the larger size would easily heat a ballroom or double parlor. These stoves were top of the line heating in the earliest years of the 1900s.

Franklin Stove

This Franklin stove was invented by none other than Benjamin Franklin. It is basically a freestanding fireplace that allowed an exchange of cold and warm air, while venting smoke from the fire out of the room.

Many thanks to Sara of Good Times Stoves for providing these images. Good Times Stoves restores both antique iron stoves used for heating and those used for cooking purposes, as well as a full line of other types of antique cookstoves.

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Antique Cast Iron Stoves