Pictures of Antique Hand Tools

Antique Radial Saw

Centuries before electricity was harnessed, people were using hand tools to build and create objects. These tools remain as a testimony to the ingenuity of previous generations, and are fascinating to look at. The idea that buildings like the New York Tribune Building could be built with these simple tools and hard work is almost mind boggling.

A new generation of craftsmen is using vintage tools like this old hand powered radial saw to create homes, furniture, and other objects.

Antique Plane

Planes were used to smooth and shape wood. Hand planes were created by attaching a sharp, cutting edge to a block of wood or other body. The plane is then moved over the wood to smooth and shape it.

Wooden Clamp

This handmade wooden clamp is a great example of an antique hand tool. The clamp was important when two pieces of board needed to be held tightly as when being glued together.


Surely one of the most important of the vintage hand tools, if not the most important, was the grindstone. The grindstone was used to keep the other tools sharpened and in good working order.

Hand Drill

Hand drills did everything electric and cordless drills do now. They are still used by some woodworkers.

Adjustable Wrench

This old adjustable wrench is much the same as any wrench today. Although the first wrench was patented in 1830, there have been wrenches and wrench-like tools found in areas with early Colonial artifacts.

Brace and Bit

A brace and bit is somewhat different than a hand drill. Because of the u shape in the crankshaft the brace and bit can be used to drill much deeper and wider holes.

Rip Saw

The carpenter's rip saw allowed carpenters to cut withthe grain of wood to make clean, straight lines. The rip saw is a coarse saw, important in cutting boards. As you visit yard sales, flea markets and auctions, look for more antique tools such as saws, planes and drills for your collection.

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Pictures of Antique Hand Tools