Copper Jello Molds

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Heart Shaped Copper Mold

Copper jello molds add warmth and old world charm to the homes of those who collect them. Like vintage cookie jars, copper molds remind people of a simpler time.

Caring for Copper Jello Molds

Clean your copper molds with a soft cloth and a gentle dishwashing liquid. Never use abrasive cleaners, pads, or the dishwasher to clean your copper molds. The abrasive can scratch and cause erosion of the tin lining.
A vintage heart shaped jello mold with a tooled exterior.

Copper Shortbread Mold

This vintage copper shortbread mold is decorated with wheat and says "Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread".

Unusual Baby Chick Design

This vintage copper mold is tin lined and displays a chick on the bottom.

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Uniquely Shaped Copper Mold

This five sided copper jello mold has a grape motif.

Small Shell Shaped Mold

Shaped like a shell, this mold would be a great addition for a beach cottage look.

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Traditional Copper Melon Mold

Melon shaped molds were very popular in Victorian times and have been the shape used most often for ice cream molds.

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Olie Koeke Pan

Also called a Ebelskivers Pan; this mold is used to make a Norwegian pancake which is generally filled with jam

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Fruit Basket

This Mirro copper jello mold fruit basket is a great find.

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Fish with Tail Up

Fish molds are easy to find, but this is an unusually shaped one.

Vintage Copper Rooster Mold

Roosters are a popular motif in country French kitchens. LovetoKnow wishes to thank Michelle Staley, of My Granny's Attic Antiques for providing these wonderful images and suggestions for copper care.

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Copper Jello Molds