Whimsical Teapots

bear teapot

Teddy Bear Teapot

Displaying whimsical teapots is a colorful way to decorate your kitchen as well as add a smile to your afternoon tea.

Types of Whimsical Teapots

There are several types of whimsical teapots available. You can collect them according to a certain style, or just choose various pots that catch your eye. From Paul Cardew's novelty teapots to vintage collectibles, there is something for everyone. There is just something about a whimsical teapot that cheers up the bleakest day and adds a touch of charm to your home.
Enjoy summer all year long with this adorable teddy bear!

Froggy tea pot on Amazon.com
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Frog Teapot

Smling frog peeks through her feet. A perfect teapot for a midsummer tea party.

Rooster tea pot on Amazon.com
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Country Rooster

Chickens are the perfect touch for any country kitchen.

Light house tea pot on Amazon.com
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Adding beach cottage charm to your home is easy with this whimsical lighthouse teapot.

Colorful teapot on Amazon.com
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Colorful Whimsy

This fanciful teapot is fit to be served at the Mad Hatter's tea party.

Jukebox tea pot on Amazon.com
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Jukebox Teapot

Thinking about having a retro tea party? This jukebox is perfect for everything from sock hops to sencha.

Luggage teapot on Amazon.com
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Packed Bags

A perfect 'bon voyage' gift, this tea pot really packs a lot of personality into a teapot.

Cinderella's carriage teapot on Amazon.com
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Cinderella Teapot

Cinderella's carriage is the perfect on this unusual teapot.

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Whimsical Teapots