Sports Memorabilia Glass Display Cases

Baseball Cubes

A wide array of sports memorabilia glass display cases is available to preserve your souvenirs. In fact, sports collectibles can be extremely valuable. The memorabilia business might even be as big as the pro sports business.

Importance of Display Cases

Old Football Accessories

Just as vintage clothes should be hung on padded hangers so these delicates will not be harmed, and rare books shelved away from sunlight to keep their spines from fading, a place is needed for sports collectibles. If you have a collection of baseballs signed by athletes inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame, they can be pretty pricey, so you will need somewhere to safely display them. Maybe you won a signed hockey jersey at a charity auction. Bobby Clarke's old sports shirt from when the Broad Street Bullies were winning the Stanley Cup definitely deserves a suitably reverent location in your rec room. You might have run into Tiger Woods on vacation at a resort golf course and he was nice enough to autograph a golf ball. You simply cannot keep a golf ball Tiger Woods signed rolling around in a drawer or sitting precariously on the living room mantle next to the antique clock. Displays are built specifically for your valuable golf balls.

Made For Uncommon Keepsakes

In addition to sports memorabilia glass display cases for collectible items from common sports, there are displays manufactured for odder shaped objects such as:

  • Boxing gloves
    Bobble-Head Figure
  • Hockey pucks, from 1 to many
  • NACSAR die-cast race car models
  • Bobble-head figures
  • Wheaties cereal boxes that often feature sports figures
  • Baseball bats, protective tubes as well as wall displays
  • Sports jerseys
  • Tennis shoes, wall displays come in various shoe sizes

Sports Memorabilia Glass Display Case Designs

There are many designs to consider when shopping for sports memorabilia glass display cases. For instance, some displays have a place for a picture so you can show off the autographed photograph of the celebrity athlete right along with his winning ball. Other sports memorabilia glass display cases come in hexagonal shapes allowing all sides of the signed boxing glove or Superbowl football helmet to be observed without handling the keepsake. In addition, engraved name plates


let everyone who visits your office know the details of your souvenir.For school gyms, sports conference rooms or other large spaces there are also freestanding displays with adjustable shelves to fit larger trophies, and hinged or sliding lockable doors to secure your valuables. Some even come with mirrored backs and interior lighting to show off the sports collectibles to the best advantage. Lastly, don't forget to think about specially treated glass to protect your memorabilia from damaging ultraviolet rays.

Display Cases Online

Hundreds of online stores selling display cases have made themselves easy to find with web search engines. There is a display case manufactured for practically any item you want your superstar athlete to sign. Babe Ruth and Joe DiMaggio signed baseballs have finally found happy homes and safety in acrylic cubes.

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Sports Memorabilia Glass Display Cases