Sports Memorabilia Price Guide

Collection of antique sports equipment.

Using Sports Memorabilia Price Guides

A sports memorabilia price guide is the perfect way to gauge the value of a collection. Whether you are just starting to collect sports memorabilia or you have a large collection, value guides can help you determine approximate costs for insurance purposes or for selling your collectibles.

Sports Memorabilia

Collecting sports memorabilia is a huge hobby, especially among men. Favorite collectibles include:

  • Autographed sports balls
  • Autographed baseball bats
  • Hickory golf clubs
  • Primitive golf balls
  • Signed jerseys
  • Signed football helmets
  • Bobble head dolls
  • Signed posters
  • Trading cards

Collecting sports items has never been easier, especially with so many items readily available on the Internet. Whether you purchase items from online retailers or through an online auction, the Internet may be the best way to find that special coveted item for a sports fan or yourself.

Collectibles Manuals

New collectors should try to learn as much about the items they wish to collect by reading up on the hobby. There are many collectible price guides on the market, from books to magazines and the Internet. These so-called manuals or bibles for collectors include information on collecting as a hobby, collecting items for profit, how to determine values, current estimated values, and techniques for identifying authentic items as well as fakes. Current notable sports memorabilia price guides on the market are:

  • All Sport Alphabetical Price Guide by Kruse Publications Sports Division
  • Sports Postcard Price Guide by J.L. and Emma Mashburn
  • The Official Beckett Price Guide to Football Cards by Dr. James Beckett
  • The Official Beckett Price Guide to Basketball Cards by Dr. James Beckett
  • Malloy's Sports Collectibles Value Guide by Roderick A. Malloy
  • Tuff Stuff's Baseball Memorabilia Price Guide by Larry Canale

There are many more books on the subject written by various authors. Visit your favorite bookstore to find more sports memorabilia price guides.

Places to Find Sports Collectibles

If you prefer to purchase your sports collectibles in person instead of through an online seller, there are plenty of places to find them. Great places to start looking are:

  • Estate auctions. Check out your local paper for estate auctions listed for the coming week. Auctions typically list in the paper items of interest like autographed sports items.
  • Antique stores. Many antique stores purchase items for sale from large estate auctions. Sports memorabilia items, especially vintage or antique ones, sometimes pass through an antique store. Save time and call ahead to find out if your local stores have any of these items.
  • Sports collectible stores. Many communities have small stores that buy and sell sports memorabilia. These are great retailers to check out, and they often carry a wide variety of items, as well as know who may have a special item for sale that isn't being displayed in the store.

Sports Collectors Clubs

Sports fans may find that joining a collector club is another way to expand their knowledge about this hobby. Sports memorabilia collectors enjoy talking about the hobby almost as much as watching their favorite sports hero on television. Membership in a sport collectible club has benefits such as learning about how to preserve collectibles, using display cases, and where the best places are to buy and sell items are in the community. It is also a way to find out who you can have over to watch football or baseball games!Joining a collectors club online is another way to meet others who share a common interest. Newsgroups and chat groups get together to discuss current trends and ways to make the hobby more enjoyable for everyone. Check out your Internet Provider to find out if they have any groups you can join.


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Sports Memorabilia Price Guide