Ten Ways to Use Collectibles in Your Decor

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If you are looking for new ways to display your collectibles, here are ten ways to use collectibles in your décor.

Ten Ways to Use Collectibles in Your Décor

Depending on what you collect it can be a lot of fun to add your own touches and personality to your home. This is difficult (but not impossible) if you collect vintage tractors; but, for most other items it just takes a bit of imagination.

Here are ten ways to use collectibles in your décor.

1. Vintage China

  • You can wire antique teacups to wreaths and the boughs of Christmas trees to use as ornaments.
  • Use them as small containers for flower arrangements.
  • Fill with mints, write your guests name on the sides with dry erase marker and use them as place holders for your parties.

2. Cookie Cutters and Kitchen Tools

  • Use colorful ribbon to tie vintage cookie cutters to the Christmas tree.
  • Store them in an old crock or apothecary jar.
  • Use old cookie cutters to add interest to gift packages by tying them on to the package with riibbon or raffia.
  • Hang cookie cutters from ribbons in your window for a unique window treatment.

3. Vintage Jewelry

  • Use clip on earrings on packages, as Christmas tree ornaments, or on napkin rings.
  • Necklaces can be used as an addition to centerpieces and arrangements, as well as draped on trees and wreaths.
  • Brooches can be used as ornaments on trees, pinned to placemats or napkins, or to hold tulle on guests' chairs.
  • Clip-on earrings can be clipped to ribbon and then used to hang around wine bottles during a party.

4. Ephemera

  • Old photographs, cards, and other ephemera can be displayed under glass to add interest to a table setting and to provide an easy-to-clean placemat.
  • Scan and print copies of your favorite vintage pictures to use as place cards or gift tags.
  • Use antique postcards as ornaments by sliding them into a plastic sleeve and then punching a hole through the sleeve to string a ribbon and tie to the tree.

5. Vintage Linens and Fabrics

  • Use vintage linens, antique quilt scraps, and fabrics to wrap gifts. Just fold the fabric around the gift item and tie with a vintage ribbon. You can also use straight pins to help hold the fabric in place. This is great for bottles of wine and other oddly shaped items.
  • Use old quilts as Christmas tree skirts, tablecloths, or to add warmth to your seating areas.
  • If quilts are in bad shape, cut them to make pillows, Christmas stockings, or other items.

6. Vintage Toys

  • Fill a wagon with gifts and place it near the tree or in an entryway. Or, fill it with poinsettias or other flowers.
  • A wagon also looks great outside at the entry filled with pansies, petunias, or similar flowers.
  • Place a teddy bear in the driver's seat of a mid-century pedal car.
  • Antique dolls are perfect for massing around the Christmas tree or adding to a vignette.
  • You can also use dolls in centerpieces and tablescapes.
  • Create nostalgia with a train set underneath the Christmas tree. Use vintage trains to create a winter scene. Victorian Christmas houses can complete the look.
  • If you have a small child's table you can use a vintage tea set and antique dolls to create a tea party scene.
  • Small metal toys can be hung from window frames.

7. Vintage Christmas Décor

  • Carefully mound glass ornaments in a crystal bowl and place the bowl on top of some greenery. The crystal allows the interesting ornaments to be seen but keeps them safe from further damage.
  • Fill a stocking with tissue paper until you are 1/3 the way down from the top. Fill the rest of the way with glass ornaments.
  • Snow globes are great when they are alone but they are fabulous when several globes are grouped together on a table.

8. Figurines

  • Figurines can be placed in the pots of houseplants and other unexpected places.
  • Use figurines in your table setting and lean the place card up against the figure. This works especially well with angels or Santas during the holidays, or chalkware Easter bunnies in the Spring.
  • Mass similar figurines together on a mantle or shelf.

9. Victorian Houses

  • Raise your Christmas tree up on a platform and create a village beneath it.
  • Use a few houses and villagers on bookshelves and mantles.
  • Create a scene on a cake plate under a glass domed cake cover

10. Mason Jars

  • Use antique canning jars as packaging for food gifts.
  • Fill with cranberries or dried beans to hold a taper candle in the middle.
  • Use small jelly jars as candy dishes.
  • Use jars to hold dry goods, sewing notions, and other small items in offices, craft rooms, or kitchens.

Hints for Creating Tablescapes and Vignettes

Create seasonal tablescapes and small vignettes all over the house. You can create a scene in the corner of a bookcase or on a coffee table. Keep the overall appearance of your tablescape in mind when planning it. Consider the following:

  • Height - A variety of heights adds visual interest.
  • Texture - Different textures invite people to touch your creation.
  • Color - Color helps your tablescape to compliment the rest of the room and pulls the various components of your design together.

Antique tables are beautiful when set with vintage china. If you have a formal dining room then you can create a complete setting leaving it out all day. This is also a good place to use vintage linens for a completely authentic look.

No matter what you collect you can find a way to use it in your holiday décor as well as all year long.

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