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Victorian Reproduction Furniture

Charlotte Gerber
Victorian style bench

Victorian reproduction furniture is a great way to express your taste in antiques without breaking the bank. Fabulous finds are available from many manufacturers and the updated versions fit within any budget.

Victorian Reproduction Furniture Finds

There are many manufacturers of Victorian reproduction furniture, both in your local retail stores and on the Internet. Most reproduction furniture manufacturers copy styles from antique pieces or may create new pieces with antique style accents. If you are a stickler for detail, research the period before you buy.

Some manufacturers that specialize in creating beautiful reproduction pieces include the following:

Furniture Quality

Buying reproduction furniture doesn't mean you have to settle for substandard quality in the materials being used. Reproductions aren't always made of fiberboard and covered in a laminate. Quality furniture manufacturers will use new hardwoods, hand carvings and marble. Occasionally, they may also use thin veneers, such as black walnut. This is usually done when the original pieces being copied were made of woods that are no longer readily available.

Victorian Fabrics, Lace and Linens

Reproduction furniture is beautiful by itself. However, many home renovators want to select their own upholstery fabrics for their reproduction furniture. Many furniture manufacturers carry a line of reproduction fabrics for their consumers. Some manufacturers will make custom furniture if their customer provides the upholstery fabrics. Check with the merchant you are purchasing your furniture from to see what options they offer.

Perhaps you already own a piece of reproduction furniture but it needs new fabric. We've scoured the Internet to find a list of merchants that specialize in Victorian fabrics, lace and linens. Places to find beautiful reproduction fabrics are:

Don't forget to collect some beautiful lace doilies to place upon your furniture arms and headrests too!

Victorian Accessories

Accessories can help you pull the look of a room together. Whether you choose from cottage chic, authentic antiques or reproductions, your options are endless. Popular accessories during this time period, especially in parlors, include:

There are many places to find great antiques, reproductions and cottage chic accessories. Some favorites of Victorian collectors are:

Victorian Decorating Inspiration

Decorating your home, or even a particular room, can be a lot of fun. Attention to detail is crucial if you are trying for an authentic look. Research can be tedious if you don't know where to start looking. These publications offer many ideas on how to decorate any room in your home, from the smallest hatpin, to where to place that enormous secretary you just purchased!


Decorating your home with Victorian reproduction furniture can be a lot of fun, as well as requiring research. An authentic period room will have Victorian fabrics, wall coverings, furniture and accessories. If you aren't sure where to start with your room renovation, consult the many Victorian magazines and online resources available to you.Finding reproduction furniture is easy. There are many merchants and quality craftsmen that produce furniture that would please the most discriminate Victorian. Be sure to thoroughly check the information regarding what your furniture is made of, especially if you are purchasing items through the Internet. There is a big difference between solid wood furniture and laminates.

Finally, have fun collecting and decorating. The final product should be a combination of Victorian flair, as well as personal touches by you.

Victorian Reproduction Furniture