Vintage Mirror Perfume Tray

 Mirror Perfume Tray

Add a touch of feminine class to your vanity table with a vintage mirror perfume tray. It's an elegant way to display your favorite perfume bottles.

Ideas for Displaying a Vintage Mirror Perfume Tray

Displaying new or vintage perfume bottles on a vanity table or dresser is just one of many ways to use these classy trays. A vintage vanity mirror with antique brushes or combs would make a nice display. Another idea is to hang it on the wall for an interesting wall hanging. Hanging a group of different styles of mirror perfume trays looks beautiful. You could use it on a coffee table and put a stack of vintage drink coasters and swizzle sticks in a tall shot glass on it so guests can easily grab one for their drink. A collection of shot glasses would also work. Glass figurines would look great on a mirrored tray. Use it to display your favorite pieces of jewelry such as bracelets, rings and beaded necklaces. A vintage mirror perfume tray also looks nice as a dining table centerpiece with a small vase of silk flowers on it or a cut crystal bowl. The possibilities are endless, just put your creativity to work..


One of the great things about mirror perfume trays is that there are so many different styles. This makes the trays themselves a fun item to collect. Common shapes for trays are:

  • Oval
  • Rectangular
  • Round
  • Square
  • Irregular

Most trays have an ornate metal frame around them in gold, brass, silver or pewter. The frames sometimes contain jewels. Some have no frame, instead they feature ornamental metal handles on each end. You can also find frame-less trays with ceramic designs on the ends or raised metal rails. The mirror bottoms can be etched and the metal frames can be painted. Some trays even have metal feet. The large, heavy, round trays with feet are called plateaus.


Prices for vintage perfume trays, also called vanity trays, can vary greatly. However, overall, they are very affordable. You can find them online for as little as three or four dollars to as much as three or four hundred dollars. Prices depend on the size, age and materials that the tray is made from. The tray's condition will also be a factor in determining it's value.

Determining Value

If you have a vintage tray and would like to know it's value, or if you're thinking about buying a tray and want to know if it is worth the asking price, there is an excellent online resource called WorthPoint that can help. WorthPoint is an online database that has compiled tons of information from auction houses, antique experts, dealers and appraisers and a global community of collectors. The site covers a wide variety of different collectibles and antiques with information on prices, descriptions, pictures and sale dates. WorthPoint offers three membership levels and each one starts with a seven day free trial.Other options for determining your vintage tray's worth are taking it to an antique dealer or appraiser or a local pawn shop. You can also try looking up your style of vintage tray on Ebay to see what other sellers are asking. If your tray has some minor flaws from normal use, don't think that it won't be worth anything. Many collectors feel imperfections in vintage or antique items add character. Just be honest about any scratches, dents or chips it might have.

Where to Buy

There are a lot of good options for places to look for vintage mirror perfume trays. Pawn shops and yard sales are a good place to start. You could also try local swap meets or flea markets. The Internet is buzzing with vintage vanity trays:

You might also find a vintage tray in a local antique store, used furniture store or vintage boutique. The trays make an affordable, fun item to collect.

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Vintage Mirror Perfume Tray