Vintage Retro Art Posters

Vintage retro poster

From classic to kitschy and romantic to bizarre, vintage retro art posters cover the gamut of themes and subjects often referred to as the good old days.

The Popularity of Vintage Art Posters

Whether you are a retro art poster collector or simply have one or two favorites hanging in your home, you know the allure of these posters of yesteryear. Vintage art posters often bring back fond memories of a favorite movie, a long forgotten treat or a trip to the corner ice cream shop for a $.25 root beer float.

Vintage posters are growing steadily in popularity as more people realize the strong appeal and affordable pricing of many of these works of art. Naturally, collectors look for original posters but many people purchase prints to enjoy this fascinating art form in their home. From the surreal to the refined, there are art posters to suit every style and decor.

Examples of Vintage Retro Posters

Click on the following links to view examples of vintage art posters that range from fun and funky to classic and elegant, with a few pop art, horror and really strange ones included.

Where to Find Vintage Retro Art Posters Online

The Internet is a wonderful resource for locating vintage art posters. The following is a sampling of the excellent websites available.

The Chisholm Larsson Gallery: Award Winning Original Poster Collection

The Chisholm Larsson Gallery located on 8th Ave. In New York City has been in business for more then 30 years offering a wide selection of original vintage posters. The website of this well known gallery, Chisholm Poster, provides an online catalog with more then 35,000 classic posters. Dating from the 1890s through current times, the vast array of original advertising classics includes:

  • Movie posters numbering more then 15,000
  • Art Deco and Art Nouveau posters
  • Products
  • Liquor and tobacco
  • Travel posters of airlines, ocean liners, trains and destinations
  • Theatrical and film from America and Europe
  • Fashion
  • Black interests
  • Political and propaganda posters including WW1, WW2, Spanish Civil War
  • Civil Rights

Included in these original posters are works by the following artists.

  • Cappiello
  • Cassandre
  • Bass
  • Ballester
  • Lenica
  • Martinati
  • Warhol

The William Payne Vintage Poster Gallery

Offering original vintage posters, this California company never has less then 2,000 posters available. The selection of retro posters includes:

  • Products
  • Alcohol
  • Tobacco
  • Food and health
  • Entertainment
  • Transportation
  • Travel

Posters include works by:

  • Cappiello
  • Dorfinant
  • Le Monnier
  • Villemont

More Resources for Vintage Posters


Hanging vintage retro art posters in your home is a great way to add a touch of nostalgic charm to any room of your house.

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