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Vintage Necchi Sewing Machine History, Values and Models

Vintage Necchi Sewing Machine History, Values and Models

Vintage Necchi sewing machines can be just as useful today as when they were made. These quality Italian sewing machines hold their value well, and they are in demand among sewing enthusiasts who prefer using… Keep reading »

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Antique sewing machine

Antique sewing machines offer a fascinating glimpse at sewing history, and these machines can be quite valuable. During the Industrial Revolution, dozens of sewing machine companies created machines designed to meet the needs of home and commercial users. Only a handful of those companies are still around today, but the antique sewing machines created a century ago are more fascinating and valuable than ever. LoveToKnow Antiques is here to help you learn more about antique sewing machines and tools you may see in antique stores or flea markets.

Learn About Antique Sewing Machine Brands

While there are some big names everyone will know, there are actually dozens of antique sewing machine brands with a place in history. Learn how to spot the various brands, and find out about the range of models they produced. These are just some of the sewing machine brands you can explore:

  • Singer - The biggest name in sewing history, Singer sewing machines have gone through a number of design changes over the years. Look of serial numbers for antique Singer sewing machines and find out how to identify which model you have.
  • National - Learn about popular National sewing machine models you might find in antique stores and auctions. This long-lived brand produced some impressive innovations over the years.
  • Willcox and Gibbs - An incredibly innovative company that made lightweight and nearly silent sewing machines for the home, Willcox and Gibbs still exists as a commercial sewing machine manufacturer. Learn about antique Willcox and Gibbs sewing machines so you can spot one of these valuable treasures.
  • White - Still a major name in home sewing, antique White sewing machines are extremely collectible. Learn about the major models and how to identify one of these machines.
  • Pfaff - This German brand made sewing history with its innovative machines. Learn about antique Pfaff sewing machines, which are among the most reliable.
  • Davis - A major player in the sewing machine business until it closed in 1924, Davis made beautiful sewing machines in cabinets. Learn about some of the most significant Davis sewing machine models.

Get Help Understanding Antique Sewing Machine Values

If you have an antique treadle sewing machine, a hand-crank machine, or even a vintage electric model, there's a chance it could be worth a lot of money. Learn how to identify an antique sewing machine, and find out what makes a sewing machine valuable. You'll even find some brand-specific advice, such as Singer sewing machine values you can look up.

Find Out About Other Antique Sewing Tools and Parts

Other sewing and crafting tools can be valuable and fascinating as well. Learn about everything from hand sewing implements, to vintage sewing boxes, to parts for antique sewing machines. These smaller items are an important part of sewing history.

Everything You Need to Know About Antique Sewing Machines

If you collect antique sewing machines or simply want to know a bit more about what you have, LoveToKnow is the place to find the information you need. Here, you'll find price guides, identification tips, and everything else you would love to learn about antique sewing machines.

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