Decorating With Antiques and Collectibles

Decorating With Antiques: Ten Pieces to Display Now 

Decorating With Antiques: Ten Pieces to Display Now 

Antique and vintage pieces can give your home a sense of history, but using antiques to decorate takes a bit of skill. The key is displaying a few favorite pieces in every room, mixing these older items with… Keep reading »

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You can add a sense of history to a modern home by decorating with antiques. The key is learning how to use these older pieces in your decor in ways that feel classic instead of kitschy. Using antiques in decorating can help you get a French country or modern farmhouse decorating feel, even if the rest of your home is more contemporary.

Decorating With Antiques in Every Room

You'll find ideas for decorating with antiques in every room in your home. These are just a few of the places you can use antiques to add history and style.

  • Learn how to use vintage bathroom decorating ideas to make your bathroom beautiful and anything but ordinary. From wall decor to turning furniture into bathroom vanities, there are lots of great options.
  • Find out how to use antiques in your bedroom to get a vintage look. Whether you want to include some mid-century style or you like using Victorian pieces to create vintage bedroom decor, you'll learn some practical ways to get a gorgeous look.
  • Discover antique table decorations that will add plenty of historic charm to your dining room or foyer. From jewelry boxes to kaleidoscopes, to photos in antique picture frames, these statement pieces will start conversations when guests see them.

Antique Decor Ideas From Many Eras

If you love the styles of the past, you can use antique interior decorations from different eras to decorate your home. Here, you'll find ideas on how to use specific items to create a vintage look.

  • Learn about antique picture frame styles to hang as a gallery wall in your home. From ornate gilt frames to vintage wood styles, there's antique wall decor that will work for every decorating style.
  • Find out how to use collectibles in your decor to add flair without adding clutter. From antique china to vintage textiles, there are lots of great ideas for making use of your collections.
  • Discover how vintage suitcases can make gorgeous decorations in the bedroom, office, and living room. They offer practical storage and plenty of vintage style, and you can find them for an affordable price at many antique stores.

Show Off Your Antique Treasures in Your Home

LoveToKnow Antiques offers everything you need to know about the history and value of your antique and vintage finds, but there's even more to discover. Here, you'll also learn how to decorate in vintage farmhouse style and how to make your antique treasures a centerpiece in your home.

Decorating With Antiques and Collectibles