How to Determine Value of Waltham Watches

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Waltham watches values vary tremendously. Finding the value of a Waltham or any collectible watch needs to take into account many factors.

The Waltham Watch Company, also known as the American Watch Company, made over 40 million watches, clocks and other precision implements between the years of 1850 and 1957. The watches are highly collectible and people often want to know Waltham watches values. The value of any watch takes into account the condition of the watch, demand for the watch and how many are available for purchase.

Finding Waltham Watches Values

The best way to find the value of a Waltham watch is to take the watch to a professional and qualified watch dealer and valuer. There are many individuals and companies that specialize in vintage and antique watches. In order to find out Waltham watches values, a valuer will consider the following:

  • Condition - This is one of the most important factors in determining the value of a watch. A watch in poor condition is likely to be of less value than a watch in good condition. Most watches are more valuable if they are in their original state and have not had parts replaced or repaired.
  • Materials - Watches that are made from precious metals or set with diamonds will have an inherent scrap value. A watch, for instance that is made from platinum will always be valuable for the value of the scrap platinum alone. This is worth considering when looking at the value of damaged or broken watches.
  • Rarity - As a rule, the rarer a watch the higher the value. This applies to Waltham watches as well as watches by other manufacturers.
  • Economy - The general economy can have an effect on the value of watches. In good times, when people have more spare cash and are prepared to invest in collectibles more, this can lead to higher prices. When the economy is performing less well, collectors often sell some of their collection and people have less money to spend and this can push the value of watches down.

Waltham Watch Serial Numbers

Each Waltham watch was given a serial number. This serial number will tell a little about the watch and is useful information to know when looking to find out the value of a Waltham watch. It is important to look at the serial number of the watch movement and not any number on the case. This serial number can be used to find out the date the watch was made and any other information that may have been taken from the ledgers of the Waltham Watch Company. Pocket Watch Database has a searchable database you can use. This returns any information available about a specific watch serial number.

Buying and Selling Waltham Watches

Buying or selling a Waltham watch is relatively straight forward. There is a ready market for Waltham watches and many antique and vintage watch dealers are happy to deal with these collectible watches. Waltham watches can also bought and sold on online auction sites such as eBay. There are many advantages to buying and selling watches on eBay, not least the fact that it gives buyers and sellers a worldwide market place in which to operate. There are also downsides, however, and a seller or buyer should make sure that they research the potential pitfalls before proceeding.

Waltham watches are very collectible and can be a great addition to a collection. They are also a good vintage watch to own if you are looking for a slice of real American history.

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How to Determine Value of Waltham Watches