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The Most Valuable Sports & Trading Cards That Paid Out Big Bucks

The Most Valuable Sports & Trading Cards That Paid Out Big Bucks

Your birthday might only come once a year, but opening presents doesn't have to. Carefully ripping open a new foil pack of trading cards activates the same part of your brain that lights up when you get to tear… Keep reading »

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MLB All-Stars Carlos Beltran & Evan Longoria Open Topps Baseball Series 1 Cards

For many of us, uncovering baseball cards in foil gum packs or finding our favorite characters' cards in boxes of cereal gave us the first taste of what collecting was like. Trading cards have been an entry point for collectors for so many years that it's thrilling to uncover your old childhood favorites and see if they're worth anything today.

Trading cards aren't limited to one topic. You'll find them for sports, cartoons, comic books, pop culture, movies, and more. There are so many record-breaking sales every year, it's well worth looking through your older cards to see what treasures might lurk there.

Valuable Trading Cards to Match Anyone's Interests

Since the first trading cards appeared a few hundred years ago, they've refused to be defined by genre, subject, or style. From whimsical illustrations to glossy finishes, trading cards are works of art you can carry around in your pockets. No matter what you're passionate about, there's a trading card perfect for you.

Sports Trading Cards

Sports cards are the most well-known trading cards in the bunch. First aired on the radio and then televised, sports matches brought people together in the 20th century. As fans became closely connected to different teams and players, it led to an interest in collecting cards that represented their favorites. From football, to basketball, to America's favorite pastime (baseball), trading cards from these sports are some of the most expensive ever sold.

Pop Culture Trading Cards

Whether you religiously followed movies and wanted to collect every piece of merch available or gravitated towards products that poked fun at convention, you could turn to various trading cards to express your interests. Film franchises like Star Wars released their own limited selection of cards, while Marvel's famous heroes got their first feature on trading cards long before they got their Hollywood break. And if you were a kid in the '80s, then you probably can't help but remember the sticker trading card combo that ignited your sense of sarcasm - Garbage Pail Kids.

Games/Competition Trading Cards

In the 1990s, competition-based trading card games were the only thing that mattered to a lot of kids. Magic the Gathering might have been the first to revolutionize the space, but it was Pokemon that made the trading card games a household staple. Inspired by famous anime and manga media of the period, Pokemon wasn't the only one of its kind to capture Y2K hearts. Yu-Gi-Oh! was Pokemon's darker trading card cousin, while Digimon's own cuddly creature cards fought in the digital world.

With national competitions held every year for these trading card games, their popularity hasn't subsided. And the big paydays from selling some of the most valuable cards are something that'll make you exercise your latent competitive skills and sort through those special cards from your childhood.

Trading Cards Aren't Just for Kids

There are so many trading cards to choose from that it's overwhelming to see which are valuable, what special cards you might accidentally pass over, and if you've got anything rare on your hands. Thankfully, we have all the resources you might need to curate your personal collection with ease.

Sports Cards & Trading Cards